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How to Add/Delete/Edit a Salesperson in eZee Absolute?

Salesperson: Now when a booking comes from a Travel Agent, they basically come through Salesperson working under that particular Travel Agent. So we are providing a facility to map a Salesperson with the travel agent and bookings. This helps hoteliers to evaluate Salesperson’s performance and contribution to increase overall revenue.

How to access: In order to Add/Delete/Edit salesperson refer to the below video and Steps.

Location: eZee Absolute Front office  >>  Cashiering  >>  Salesperson Database  >>  Add Salesperson  >>  Fill the Salesperson details  >>  Save.

Pre-requisition: The travel agent should be created in the Travel Agent database then only we can assign a travel agent to that Salesperson.

User Privileges: eZee Absolute configuration  >>  User  >>  Edit User  >>  Privileges  >>  Front Office  >>  Add Salesperson  >>  Save.


One we created/Added the Salesperson we can Edit, Delete that Salesperson.

When the SalesPerson is created in the system then it will reflect in absolute as shown below.

1). Walk-In/Add Reservation Window:  Walk-In/Add Reservation  >>  TA >>  Select  Agent  >>  Select Salesperson.

2). Edit Reservation: Edit Transaction >>  Other Information  >>  Edit Information  >>  Select TravelAgent >> Select Salesperson  >> Save.



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