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How to add Bluetooth Printer in eZee Optimus (Rapid Server App)?

What is Bluetooth Printer?
We can print receipts and orders using a Bluetooth printer connected to our smartphone or tablet and can print Receipts/KOT from RapidServe application.
1. Bluetooth printing will work in Rapid Serve App only
2. This will not work in the web version
3. Currently, Bluetooth printer supported on Android devices only

Paring printer in android mobile or tablet:
1. Turn on your Bluetooth printer.
2. Open the Settings in the android device on your smartphone or tablet.
3. Click on Bluetooth and Turn ON
4. Click on the name of your Bluetooth printer to start the Pairing

Printer Testing
1. Install The eZee Bluetooth Printer Testing App
2. Open App and press the Refresh List option. It will display all paired devices.
3. Click on “Connect Bluetooth Device” to establish a successful connection.
4. Add Your Message and hit the “Send Data Via Bluetooth” Or You can “Print Receipt”

Find MAC address of printer
In respective to configure the Bluetooth printer in a RapidSever app, it needs a MAC address of a Bluetooth device. It can be found from the device test print. You can also find it from the eZee Bluetooth Printer Testing App. in App device name is listing with MAC address. e.g. 00:01:90:85:07:AA is Mac Address for TM-P20_013820 Bluetooth Printer.

How to Access:
Follow steps to configure the Bluetooth printer in optimus.

Step 1: Goto Back office >> Terminal >> Add Terminal

Step 2: Provide a name for the Terminal, Click on + icon to add a device. Select “Bluetooth” in connection type and enter the required details for the printer.

Restart Rapidserve, log out from the application and check printing

Do visit on live chat support if you have any further queries for the eZee Optimus.
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