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How to add an intermediate item and what is manufacturing item?

What is Intermediate Item?
An intermediate item is made with other 2-3  store items. It is made in-store itself by using different inventory ( raw materials ) from the Store.

Example: Added item “Mayonnaise Sauce” which is made with Egg,  Black Salt, Mustard oil, and Sugar Brown. So here we can call it an intermediate item. You can add here only other store items.

Please follow below steps to make intermediate items

  1. Add Intermediate item as per Below SS, Define name and Base measurement unit, Minimum unit should be base measurement unit.

2. Select the Outlet name you want to activate this item in the same and add default Purchase rate ( it is not mandatory as Purchase rate is variable )

3. Add Recipe of Intermediate item.

4. Once it is added, You can switch to Front and you can manufacture Qty and click on Save, Stock will be added into particular outlet/store.