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How to activate and deactivate Cash Sale feature in eZee Burrp BackOffice 7.0?

What is a Cash Sale?
When the employee has to settle the bill directly with the cash without any payment type, then he will use the cash sale option.

eZee Burrp >> Order Type >> Receipt >> Cash Sale

eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Configuration >> User Configuration >> User Operation >> Priviledge >> Property Configuration >> Food & Beverages >> Receipt Operations >> Allow to settle other settlement type.

How to Access?
Please follow the below steps to activate or deactivate the cash sale feature.

Screenshot 1: To activate cash sale:-
Go to: eZee Burrp >> Setting >> Peripherals >> Client-Server >> Others >> Express Sale By: Select Cash Sale

Screenshot 2: After making the receipt you will get the option for Cash Sale.
Cash Sale >> Add the amount >> Finish

Screenshot 3: To Deactivate Cash Sale and activate loyalty card:-
Go to: eZee Burrp >> Setting >> Peripherals >> Client-Server >> Others >>Express Sale By: Select Loyalty Card.

Screenshot 4: The Cash Sale option will get deactivated.