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How can we create session such as daily, happy hours, dinner in eZee burrp !

You can configure the sessions from 
Configuration tab from eZee POS back office.

Path : Go to eZee POS backoffice >> Configuration >> Others >> Session.

> In order to create the session follow the next step.

>> After defining the session, You can set the start time for the same and for a selective outlet.


>> Once you create the session, you can make changes in the session related setting as below.

>> on eZee Burrp if you have set the session automatic then it will be changed automatically on specified time. But, If you made the settings manual then you can change the session from eZee burrp as below.


>>In order to create the Happy hours for a particular menu item, Refer the below-mentioned steps for the same.

>> Happy hours are three types: Session base, TIme Base, and season base.

Path: eZee POS back office >> Outlet >> Menu item >> Edit >> Price and BOM >> New >> Special Rate >> New.

1.Session base:

2.Time Base

3. Season base: