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How can to post Laundry bill to Guest room in eZee Frontdesk?

In order to post a bill to Room, you would require selecting a room from the list and after saving it.  And, “Room to post” option will help you to post bill to guest folio.

eZee Frontdesk >> Laundry >> Guest Laundry

eZee Frontdesk >> Laundry >> Laundry Items >> Service Information >> Cost to hotel / Cost to guest

How to Access:
Please follow below steps to post bill on the room

Screenshot 1: You have to select Guest details for whom you want to add the laundry.   Please select the laundry services for the same guest.

Screenshot 2: For posting the bill, Please follow the below steps:
eZee Frontdesk>>Guest Laundry List. Select the guest details for which you want to post the bill. Select ” Post to Room “ option and the bill will be posted to the guest laundry details.