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Guideline & Check list to Transfer Sever machine one to another!!

Guideline & Check list to Transfer Sever machine one to another: 
Server transfer mean to say… Old server closing and Creating New Server and move all stuff to new server.
Before Server Transfer…
1) Make a list of all Integration running from Server.
2) Note down which FD version Hotel Using.
3) Note down which SQL version Hotel Using.
4) Copy exported report / guest images / database backup and keep it on safe path.
Take Action For Server Transfer…
Steps perform on Old Server….
1. Stop Operation on all Terminals
2. Stop WRD, WIRU, Auto backup utility or stop other important integrations
3. Take Database Backup.
4. Take Nextgen_Log database mdf / ldf backup.
5. Remove all integration (Or we develop new feature for disable all integration on old server machine).
6. Stop SQL Service, and make disable it.
7. Stop eZee Service
8. Take application folder back up as well so if any integration related file we need we can take from it. if any integration give us hard time to start it.
9. Rename WIRU/WRD file, because we are keeping auto start it
Steps perform on New Server…..
1. Install Ezee Nextgen on New Server
2. Upgrade Nextgen Version on New Server with Noted Version (if Full setup version is lower then noted FD version)
3. Restore Backup Database.
4. Restore Nextgen_Log database.
5. Enable / Start  all integrations.
6. Start Auto Backup.
7.  if you have set report export path / image path of old server then change it to new server in configuration.
If you have any question on it. Please contact us on Live Chat Support.