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Google Free Booking link

Google’s Free Booking Links:

Free booking links appear on the hotel booking module alongside hotel ads when travelers look for rooms at a given hotel. For hoteliers and hosts, this means you are now showing up on hotel search on GoogleHere is the stepwise guideline.

How do they work?  

By launching Free Booking Links, Google made some significant changes to the way they expose an individual property’s direct booking engine on Google Hotel Search. 

In the past, lodging businesses had to pay to run a ‘Google Hotel Ad’ in order to be displayed for direct bookings on Google. As of now, if you are using eZee Booking engine then you are eligible property that has rates and availability synced to Google.

With your hotel’s free Google Booking Links displayed to users across hotel searches on Google, travelers will be able to make a booking directly with your property. That means, you control the guest experience on your site and collect the guest data. 

In order to qualify for Google Booking links, your property must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must have a Google My Business listing.
  2. You must use an eZee Booking Engine.