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From Where i can add Guest PickUp / Dropoff while adding reservation in Ezee Absolute?

In the system, we have a facility to add a pickup and dropoff information of a guest.
if you are looking to see all guest pickup and drop off information then you can put in the system and when you will pull out the report then you will see all guest pcikup and drop off information which is checking out and checking-in in on print.

How to access: In order to add the pickup and drop off information refer to the below steps.

Location1: For New reservations to Add PickUp/Drop Off follow the below-provided screenshot.

ScreenShot1:  eZee absolute front office >> Front office  >> Click on Walkin / New Reservation Tab  >>  PickUp/Drop Off


Screenshot2: For the Fill The detail and click on Save Button.

Location2: Once the reservation made then we can also add a Pickup and dropoff information.

Screenshot1: eZee Absolute front   >>  click on the booking   >>  Edit transaction


Screenshot2:  Edit transaction  >>  general Information  >>  Click on the Arrow  >> Click on Pickup information (Fill Pickup info) and click Dropoff Information (Fill Dropoff Info).

Report: We can refer to the Pickup/Dropoff Guest report.
In this report we can see the guest details as per the Checkout and Checkin date.
Ex: If we search for 30 April then this report will show the check-in and checkout guest which will check-in and checkout from the guest make sure the Pickup / Drop off should be added on those reservations.