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Four(4) tax fields for store items


Please provide 4 tax fields for store items. This is required to add while generating PO & GRN. Taxes are paid for store items based on its category.


4 Tax setting and option to record in POS and GRN

1)  Tax Caption Configuration

– Set tax caption in Option>Localization

2) Tax Configuration on store Item. Added option to set default tax percentage and exempt setting on store level.

3) Bulk Configuration.

  – Add 4 Tax setting and also set bulk tax change setting in Store>Cost and Stock

4) Export Stock And Rate

    – Added all tax column on Export as well as Default Format.

5) Added option to add 4 different tax on PO and GRN

6) PO and GRN printing affected with this changes.

Below reports are effected with this changes :

1 – Cost Detail Report

2 – Goods Receipt Note Tax Report

3 – Purchase Analysis

4 – Void Purchase List

5 –  Void Purchase Order List