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eZee New Extranet : Guest Statistics

In this outpaced period of advance technology, a little piece of data
invites a helpful instrument to produce more income for the hotel
businesses. To walk well ahead than your rivals, it is important to have the
intelligent advanced tool to upgrade your business. Alongside, a rule to
offer improved good service to your guests.

Taking advantage of our huge database and the collective information about
a complete transaction of each stay at a hotel, we are now providing a
platform to all our hoteliers so you can target your audience by checking the
statistics data of guest’ various factors information and likewise.

#1 Country: From where they are coming, for example, Canada, Malaysia,
Australia, South Africa, Iran, etc. For reference please refer below


This chat shows that the hotel has 3 guests from Switzerland and India, 2
from Australia and 1 from Taiwan.

#2 Stay length: Number of nights of stays. For example, for 2 nights
around 60% guest selected to stay at your hotel, for 6 nights around 50% guests
selected to stay at your property.


#3 Source of bookings: From which platform they like to book the rooms.
For example,, Expedia,, Make My Trip, etc.


#4 Repeated guests: How many times guests choose your property for their

For the reference, you can check the above chart, it is showing that for 3 night stays, bookings booked are around more than 10%.

#5 Guests profiles: You can see your guests shared details (like a country, city, phone number) in percentage ratio. This will help a hotelier to target them through contact details like; Email, contact no, etc.


#6 Type of Bookings: Hotel does have a booking with a different number of
guests like single guest, couple guests, Family guests, etc.

The above chart displays that your hotel has 7 bookings for single guests and so

#7 Guest engagement: These statistics represent how our system been
engaged with guests through various mediums.


Above, is the shared information for the various provisions, this will definitely
support a hotelier to decide the different opportunities that will ultimately help you welcome more guests at various stages.