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Language Caption Enhancement for Housekeeper into Hotel PMS and Channel Manager Application.

  • We have introduced language caption for housekeeper into Hotel PMS and Channel Manager Application.
  • Now hotelier can set specific language caption for their respective housekeeper preferred language.
  • The respected changed caption will be reflected into mobile application.
  • Following the steps below to use this feature:
    • Login into Absolute configuration and go into Housekeeper module from Housekeeping dropdown.

  • Click on Add housekeeper to add new housekeeper.
  • Fill the details of housekeeper and add username, password and select App language.
  • Click on Save to store the information.
  • Default will be selected by default.
  • Other than Default it will allow your change the language from the language setting page into configuration.
  • For changing the existing housekeeper App language then click on edit.

  • Then select the respective App language for the housekeeper and save the configuration.
  • Login into app with same user into Mobile Application.
  • The language caption change from configuration will reflected into the user which are having App language not as Default.
  • Path to change labels: Settings->Others->Language Settings->Display Label.
  • Select Absolute App form module dropdown and House Keeper from other dropdown and then click on load module.

  • Access mobile application with housekeeper login credentials.
  • Change the caption which is needed as per housekeeper preferred language.

  • After changing language caption checking into mobile application to verify.




Introducing Opportunities for Booking Engine Chatbot

Our Booking Engine Chatbot answers to guest’s questions using the data configured in our Booking Engine. But, there are some questions which the chatbot is not able to answer due to lack of data.

So, to make the chatbot more efficient in providing appropriate answers to website visitors, we have found some frequently asked questions and introduced “Opportunities in Chats” options, so that chatbot does not miss any opportunity to chat with guest.

Various questions are listed here. You just have to provide data to these questions and our chatbot will start answering related questions using this data.