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Default Unmapped Roomtype

We have a new feature to set Default Unmapped Roomtype and Rate type (previously, system generated it) and whenever booking comes from the channel with unmapped room type, that booking will be inserted with this default unmapped room type and an alert will be generated for the same. 

  • To Manage Unmapped Roomtype and Rate type ( Default it is System generated )

A system generated unmapped room type and rate type is set. You can change this default setting.

Go to eZee Reservation Old Extranet -> Distribution -> Setting -> Default Unmapped.

  • How it works

When booking comes from a channel for unmapped room type, our system will take care of such bookings and it will successfully be inserted in the channel manager with this default unmapped room type and rate type.

Further, you can change this unmapped roomtype with suitable mapped room types of that channel. See below details for it.

To Manage roomtype of Booking inserted with unmapped roomtype

From the booking list, you can change roomtype of booking which is insert with Default Unmapped Roomtype and Ratetype.

Go to eZee Reservation Old Extranet -> Booking List -> {hover on booking action which have Default unmapped} -> Change Room Type.

Go to eZee Rise/New Extranet -> Booking -> {click on booking which have Default unmapped } -> Change Room Type.