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Unassign Room List, Improved UX

We have revised the design of ‘Unassigned Room’ list popup, which looks more better and is compact than before.

The existing popup is now converted to a tooltip which will be opened when we hover mouse on unassigned rooms indicator on Stay View.

There are 2 more additions too in new layout which are “Edit Transaction” and “Room Move”, which will allow you to perform necessary actions quickly. Room Move can be helpful in case of overbooking, where you can move booking to other room type first and then assign room accordingly.

In eZee Absolute Front, when we mouse hover on Unassigned Rooms indicator, it shows tooltip containing unassigned room entries with assign button and operations menu(dotted menu) listed. Take a look how this new UI actually looks.

By clicking on ‘Assign’ button, system will reveal drop down menu containing rooms list. Clicking on any of the rooms will assign chosen room to unassign booking and remove it from unassigned room list.

By clicking on dotted menu button, the will reveal drop down menu containing options like Edit Transaction, Room Move, Amend Stay, Cancel Reservation and Void Reservation to quick perform necessary action.