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Stayview – More Information, Improved UX

We have revised the design of Stay View -> More Information, which looks better now with more features included in it.

For example, you’ll be able to edit a transaction, perform operations like room move, exchange room, void transaction, amend stay, set task, set preference, print invoice, check-in, check-out and more.

Earlier we were having only a few remarks listed. But this pop-up will now list all remarks pertaining to Check-in, Reservation, Check-out, Housekeeping, Package, Promotion, Guestfolio,  etc.

In the eZee Absolute Front office, when we mouse hover on “>” icon on a particular transaction, it opens up Stay Information popup. Check out how this new UI actually looks.

Moreover, we are also displaying balance information now in new popup UI.

Another exciting addition is that the pop-up will show the booking source in the top-right corner, which signifies where the booking came from.

If the booking is from the PMS, then it will show icon like below:

If the booking is from the booking engine, then it will show an icon like below :

If the booking was done from OTA, then it will show the respective OTA icon. Considering that the booking came from Goibibo, here’s what it will look like:

Print incidental invoice in multiple currencies

You can now accept payments as well as print the incidental invoice in multiple currencies.

Take a look at how this functionality works in eZee Absolute:

In eZee Absolute Front office:

Cashiering > POS > Incidental Invoice > Print

Previously when you clicked on “Print” action and tried to print Incidental Invoice, the system directly printed the invoice in default currency; even when multiple currencies were enabled in your system.

But now if more than one currencies are enabled in system and you try to print Incidental Invoice, then the system will open a sub-menu and display the list of all the enabled currencies. By clicking on the particular currency from the list, the system will print the Incidental Invoice in the selected currency.

New mandatory settings introduced for Reservations and Walk-ins

Now, you can add VIP Status and Credit Card as a mandatory field while taking walk in, new reservation or inserting transaction.

You can set this mandatory field in,
eZee Absolute Configuration -> Settings -> General -> Check-in/Reservation Settings

If you set these fields as mandatory, then the system will not let you take any walk-ins, new reservations or insert transactions without these details.