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Now, the autocomplete feature is available on Universal Search which performs your search even better and faster.

When you start typing Guest Name/Folio No./Reservation No./Invoice No./OTA Voucher No./GR Card No, it will show you 10 latest suggestions. By selecting it with one click, you’ll be able to open that booking.

When you click on any particular record, the system will directly take you to that booking.



Whenever you click on any record in the list, a smart menu will be displayed.

This smart menu is now available on Reservation List, Arrival List, Departure List, Guest Database, Unsettled Folio List, Group Reservation, In-house Group, Departed Group, Travel Agent Database, Company Database, Maintenance Block List, Work Order List screens.


In eZee Absolute -> Reservation list, if remarks exist on a booking, then they will be displayed in a tooltip on a particular record in Reservation List.


Customer Alliance Integration

We have integrated eZee Absolute with Customer Alliance reputation management system.

Take a look at how this interface works with Absolute:

In eZee Absolute Configuration:
  1. Settings -> Others -> Customer Alliance
    • You need to set the hotel ID and API key.           
  2. Settings -> Others -> Check-In/Reservation Settings
    • Keep guest email address mandatory while making a reservation and walk-In.  In this interface, you need to add an email address for all the bookings.
In eZee Absolute Front Office:

When you attempt to take a reservation or check-in a guest, this interface will send needful data to Customer Alliance API and its respective response will be added to that specific booking audit trail. Add a guest name, gender, email address to that specific booking.

When you attempt to take a reservation or check-in, this interface will send needful data to Customer Alliance and respective response will be reflected in an audit trail.

The data will be sent to Customer Alliance interface on an individual as well as group bookings, amend stay, void booking, and booking cancellation.

We have also provided an option to send data to Customer Alliance interface manually through Edit Transaction, in case of failure.


Print eZee Optimus Receipt in eZee Absolute

We have provided ‘Print Optimus Receipt provision’ in eZee Absolute to show all receipt posting details from eZee Optimus.

To use this feature, your eZee Optimus account needs to be linked with eZee Absolute by saving Optimus Auth Key in eZee Absolute Configuration. This Auth Key will be provided by your respected Account Manager.

You have to store this Auth Key in Pos2Pms Posting Section in eZee Absolute Configuration -> Setting -> Property -> Tax/Account Configuration.

Check button is used to validate the Auth Key you entered.

In Front Office -> Edit Transaction – In Folio Detail tab, against eZee Optimus postings, you will see Print Optimus Receipt option.

On click of “Print Optimus Receipt”, the system will display receipt as shown in below format: