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Include Extras in ADR & RevPar

Initially, there were some discrepancies with ADR and RevPar calculations. To solve these issues we are introducing a new setting – Include Extras in Average Daily Rate & RevPar.

To see that, please go to: eZee Absolute Configuration -> Settings -> Formula

Note: If the property has opted for only RES/CHANNEL account, then the same setting will be available on below path,

eZee Reservation -> Settings -> Formula

Based on the above setting, the value of ADR & RevPar will be reflected across all products.

Note: By default, this setting would be unchecked.

Introducing NetLocks on Night Audit

Currently, there is no net lock facility for Night audit operation. Because of this, whenever multiple users attempt to perform the night audit at the same time, the property’s working date is changed twice and crossed system’s date. 

To overcome this issue we are introducing net locks for night audit operations. When one user is performing the night audit then another user will not be able to attempt night audit operation. 

If another user tries to perform Night Audit, then the following message will be displayed.

1.  If you close the night audit window or the night audit process is completed, then the netlock will be released automatically.
2. The user who has initiated the Night Audit process can only release the netlock.

Unable to Change Reservation Type to Hold Confirm/Unconfirm Booking

Currently, we are not giving provision to change Reservation Type from Confirm Booking or Inquiry to Hold Confirm Booking and Hold Unconfirmed Booking.

Now, we have enhanced this feature to set either Hold Confirm Booking and Hold Unconfirmed Booking.

eZee Absolute Front Office :

In eZee Absolute Front Office, from Reservation List -> Change Res Type or Edit Tran -> Edit Other Information, we can now select Hold Confirm Booking and Hold Unconfirmed Booking option from the list.


Upon selecting the option, Release Hold Booking pop up will be displayed. Here you can insert or update hold booking information as shown in the screenshot below.

In the case of Group Booking, the following popup will be displayed. Here you can change Reservation Type only for group owner or for the entire group.

Extranet :

Now we can select Hold Reservation option for all sources (PMS, Booking Engine).

When you select Hold Reservation option, Configure auto-release setting option will be displayed. After checking the option, we can set the Hold Booking Information.



Introducing new Privilege – Cancel OTA Booking

Currently, users who are assigned with Cancel Reservation privilege can cancel all reservations including OTA reservations.

Now, we are going to add one more privilege to Cancel OTA Booking (which by default will be set for all users). Admin can revoke privileges for any users from Configuration ->User->Edit User

List of affected screens are
1. StayviewIf users don’t have the access, then the following message will be displayed:

2. Reservation List

3. Quick Search

4. Edit Group

5. Unassign Room Pop up

6. Night Audit

7. Group cancel reservation

Display Guests Arrival time / Departure time and VIP status

Based on the request of a few clients, we are now highlighting arrival time, departure time and VIP status of guests for daily arrivals/departures. With this information, the front office operator can arrange the rooms’ availability, welcome drink or any other preference/inclusions that is included in the stay.​

​You can see how the information will appear in the following image: ​

1. Front Office Left Panel​

2. Arrival List

3. Departure List​

Zeamster Payment Gateway- Copy CC details

Currently, hotels using Zeamster had to manually feed CC details in the Payment Gateway to process the payment. We will now provide a new feature to auto copy the guest CC details saved in the system.

POS Summary in CRS Manager Report

We have added the POS summary and the POS Payment summary section, in the CRS Manager report similar to one in Manager Report.

Below is the attached screenshot for the same.



New Integration – Topaz Signpad Interface

We have a new integration – Topaz Signpad Interface in PMS.

Following two models are supported as of now :
1) T-S460-HSB-R

Please follow these steps to proceed with the signature scanning process.

In the Edit Transaction screen, Click on Add Signature option.

Once you sign on the sign pad, it gets rendered in the Signature Image field as shown in the above image. Now click on Done button.
To save this signature in the guest profile,  click on the Save Signature button.
To delete a saved signature click on Delete Signature button.
To clear signpad canvas, click on the Clear button.

Enhancement in Statistics – By Room Type Report

Previously, we were having Statistics – By room type report with limited filters and data representation in the pie chart only. Now, we are adding a few more filters and data representation in a stacked bar chart and bar chart.

We can fetch this report Room Type Wise or Total Wise using By filter. Also, we have added Total Room Sold option in  Show dropdown which will work according to settings configured in Absolute Configuration -> Settings -> Formula Screen.

For example, 

1)  If you select Occupancy% from Show list and Room type from By list as shown in the below screenshot. 

=> As per the above selection you will get a stacked chart showing occupancies for every room type.

2) If you select Occupancy% from Show list and Total type from By list as shown in below screenshot.

=> As per the above selection you will get a bar chart depicting total Occupancies in the selected date range.