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New Cashiering Center

Currently, to manage credit and debit for city ledger and travel agents in hotels, we have two screens in the system – City Ledger Payments and Cashiering Center respectively. Now, we have combined both these screens and their functionalities, and come up with a New Cashiering Center.

Note: After this release, the old Cashiering Center screen and City Ledger Payment screen will not be accessible.

You can access it from eZee Absolute Front Office -> Cashiering -> Cashiering Center.

Here, you can search all the transactions done for city ledgers and travel agents. You can filter the list with Posting date, Receipt No., Mapping, Void.

While adding the new payment for a city ledger,  you can also map payment with respective folios. Now, you can also map the payment with incidental invoices. You’ll even be able to add the payment for the amount paid to travel agent.

By clicking on the individual payment records, you get a list of various operations you can perform like; Void, Map Payment and Print Receipt.

Map Payment” screen which is used for mapping payments for city ledger payments has also been enhanced by introducing more filters along with adding incidental invoice mappings.

You can now search by Folio No./Vou No./Res No./Inv No., Booking, arrival and departure date along with Payment Posting date.

Qwikcilver – Gift Card and Loyalty Card Integration

What is Qwikcilver?

QwikCilver is an online platform that allows a user to send and receive rewards and e-gift cards.

We have integrated two solutions provided by qwikcilver which are Gift Card and Loyalty Card.

How does it work?

In the process to activate this interface, one can activate common Interface layer for the property if not activated.

Once common interface activated, you will be able to see Qwikcilver option in the drop-down from eZee Absolute configuration-> Settings-> Interface settings.  You can configure its relevant settings from here.

Note: Do not forget to select Redeem Discount type from the drop-down as it will be used at a time of redeeming a gift card or loyalty card for a particular transaction.

Generate Gift Card/ Loyalty Card =>

Gift Card/ Loyalty Card can be generated upon checkout. You have to click on the “Ok” button then the system will ask you for an amount in case of Gift Card generation. Fill Amount and click on “ok”

If you want to generate Gift Card/ Loyalty Card of already checked out a transaction, then you can do it from edit transaction->folio detail-> more option. We have given option namely issue Gift Card/ Loyalty Card.

Once Gift card generated, You will be notified with Gift Card/ Loyalty Card details.

Redeem Gift Card/ Loyalty Card ==>

A user can map gift card at a time of taking reservation from Walkin-> Guest Information-> Use Qwikcilver.

You can check card availability based on three things along with Card PIN.

  1. Card number
  2. Email id
  3. Mobile Number

Click on Save button to map a validated card with the transaction.

Click on Redeem Gift Card/ Loyalty Card from Edit transaction-> Folio Detail-> More.

After clicking on redeem button redemption amount will be posted on the folio.

If you have mapped Loyalty card with the transaction then upon checkout Loyalty point will be added to loyalty card.


Wifi Integration for Xpossible and Kiwire Internet Management

eZee WiFi is a desktop application which is the intermediate service between eA and Third-Party Wifi System. 

We have integrated two WiFi interface namely Xpossible and Kiwi Internet Management.

The system will send guest detail on a different operation like; check-in, checkout, room move and update guest details to WiFi based on configured settings.

Let’s have a look at how it works,

Configure WiFi details from configuration panel, Settings->Other->Wifi Integration


set WiFi data extension for all rooms.

We are showing success or failure response in audit trails as shown below.



eZee Absolute / eZee Reservation : Travel Agent Policy

We have a provision to configure a policy at the hotel level. Now we came across one customization request/business demands where Travel Agents can set their own cancellation and booking policy.

A hotel can Configure Travel Agent Policy Details from eZee Reservation->Masters->Travel Agent Modules or can Configure From eZee Absolute Front Panel-> Cashiering -> Travel Agent Database Module as well.

Please refer the below screenshot for configuring travel agent policy:

eZee Reservation->Masters ->Travel Agent Module

eZee Absolute Front Panel-> Cashiering -> Travel Agent Database


This is an optional part for hoteliers.

Also, now bookings which come through Travel Agents and if hotelier has set the policy for that Travel agent then in all Booking Voucher Travel Agent policy will be sent . In case, policy is not set then the hotel level Cancellation and Booking policy will be sent in a voucher.

NOTE: How to configure/use this option at the voucher level. Please contact your account manager for this.

Preview Email Template

Currently, hoteliers are able to see only an email template while taking walk-in in eZee Absolute front office. But post this feature release, they will be able to see the entire email template filled with the actual data (Guest name, room details, inclusion details, transport details, rate information and many more).

Technically, we will replace all possible variables (one which we display within curly brackets) with its values like “{hotelname}” will be replaced with “Hotel Dreamland”, {useremail} will be replaced with “” and so on.

Note: Information like reservation number, door code, etc which we generate while taking reservations will not be available in preview.

Please check below screenshots, this way we can generate a preview of an email template.

1) Open walk-in popup and click on “Booking Voucher”. The system will open send email popup where we have introduced another button with the name “Preview Template” besides “Save” button. Click on “Preview Template” button.

2) The system will open preview.

Note: Guest and hotel information used in these screenshots and descriptions are fiction.

Print Templates Without Flash in eZee Absolute

As we know that Flash will be shut down in 2020. In eZee Absolute, we use third-party tool “Stimulsoft” for printing Invoices/ receipts/ gr cards with the use of Flash. So to overcome this situation, we are starting to remove flash and now printing invoices/receipts/gr cards will be done with the use of Stimulsoft JSON version.

Currently, we have the following items which require to convert Flash to JSON based,

  1. Folio Templates
    • Folio details templates
    • Folio summarized templates
    • Group folio templates
    • Group folio pro forma templates
  2. GR Card Templates
  3. Payment receipts templates
  4. Incidental invoice templates
  5. Expense voucher template
  6. Police inquiry form template

In the below path, we have all the details about the template which we use in eZee Absolute.

eZee Absolute Configuration -> Settings -> General -> Print & Email Settings

There are 80+ Templates available in eZee Absolute which require to convert Flash to JSON based. So, we start converting step by step. 

In the first step, we convert below templates,

  • Incidental Invoice Templates
  • Expense Voucher Template

Note: We are changing the only view of the print. There is no change in the data.

Enhancement in Guest List Report for Indian Properties

In the existing Guest List report, we have provided a new filter option for all Indian properties as shown in the below screenshot.

NOTE: Filter will be displayed for Indian properties only.

1) Stay Date 
This report will work as it was working previously if Stay Date is selected. Below is the attached screenshot when Stay Date is selected.

2) Departure Date
Data will be sent to the email address entered in the text-box based on the Departure date range (max 90 days ). By default, an email will be sent to a registered hotelier email address.

Below is the attached screenshot when the Departure Date option is selected.

Format of the report when departure date filter is selected.


Advanced Security: Prevent System Access Instantly

We have introduced advanced security mechanism in eZee Absolute Front Office and configuration panel. This will power hoteliers to control all devices and user activity in no time. Moreover, the hotelier will be able to keep an eye on devices and users as well.

Access control will restrict user when;

  1. User deactivated
  2. User’s password change
  3. User deleted
  4. Admin/Manager/Hotelier who is having access to Device and User Activity, revoke access from a user of the device.

Below screenshot shows from where user activate/deactivate, change password, delete operation can be performed.

If the hotelier performs delete or deactivate operation, a prompt box will appear and by clicking on the OK button user will be logged out from the system.

Same way, when the user’s password is changed, the system will display below the message box.

Control user from Device and User Activity page

  1. If the admin chooses to deactivate a particular user from a particular device then a prompt box will appear and by clicking on the OK button, a user will be logged out from the system.
  2. If the admin chooses to deactivate a particular device then, all the sessions created on that particular device will be prompted to logout by our system (device is the browser).


New SMS Request For Chain Property

Purpose : 

Now, some customers want to get daily SMS to show the room occupied, occupancy, total room revenue, other revenue, the average room rate for all property which is in the chain. It is a similar hotel level SMS feature but it can show the data for overall chain property. So, according to the customer’s need, we have developed that feature for chain property.

So, now customers can set this using below notification settings.


Note: Always enable this setting for that property only who will do the NIGHT AUDIT process after the Rest of the properties completed the NIGHT AUDIT process in the chain. Then only you can have accurate data for that particular selected date.

Consolidate Manager Report For CRS Accounts

We are introducing a new report  ‘CRS Manager Report‘ for CRS Account . This report is the extension of Manager Report in which data of all properties in the chain will be displayed in a single report. We have provided this report in the Export functionality only.

This report will be sent in the attachment to an email address mentioned in the field as shown in the above screenshot.