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Received Today’s Booking and Next day Booking List in Email as HTML on Night Audit

Earlier, there were two different reports sent on night Audit Process for;

1) Receive Today’s Arrival and Next Day Arrival List  in Email as HTML

2) Receive Today’s Departure And Next day Departure List in Email as HTML  

Now, the above two reports are combined in one report.

Report Name: Receive Today’s Bookings and Next Days Bookings List in Email as HTML

This report will be sent as HTML in an email with booking details attachment in XLS.  

Facturante Fiscal Integration (Regions of Argentina)

Facturnate Fiscal Interface is now available for the regions of Argentina. The fiscal can be activated with below settings.

1) Activate interface from onboarding panel.

2) Configure interface from Interface Setting in eZee Absolute and activate.

Absolute Configuration: 

Interface activation and mapping of Facturante fiscal Interface settings can be implemented from Common Interface.

Select “Facturante” to register and activate with provided authenticated credentials.

User is required to save provided credentials and activate the Facturante Fiscal Interface.

Identity type and tax is required to map with provided Facturante Interface Taxes. This will be used during the  inovice fiscalization.


In Absolute Front Office: 

Once Facturante Interface is Activated from configuration, user can fiscalize the invoice from Edit transaction and POS screen. The invoice will be fiscalized automatically on checkout, undo checkout, void folio and void reservation operations as per requirement. User can also manually  fiscalize the invoice, void fiscal invoice and print fiscalized invoice operations as per requirement.

1) Edit transaction :

To view fiscalized invoice details, you need to click on “Facturante Fiscal” button listed on the page.


By clicking on the Facturante Fiscal button, a pop-up will open to perform operations related to fiscalization.

Once the invoice is fiscalized, the details of fiscalized invoice will be displayed as below. You can view the status of the fiscalized invoice on mouse hover of “Fiscal Status”. You can see the reason of success or failure of fiscalized invoice. The same will be displayed in audit trail.

Note: If user doesn’t want to fiscalize any folio with manual or auto process, then user has to select those folios with selection of “Don’t Fiscal” checkbox option. Once checkbox is enabled, then those folios will not fiscalize.

Once any Invoice is fiscalized, then the Popup msg will be displayed at right bottom of the  page for the information purpose. Once you click on the information, it will be removed  from the list.


2) POS (Incidental Invoice ) Page :

Incidental invoice can be registered with below screen.

Once any incidental invoice is registered, then user has to manually fiscalize the invoice. You can view, print and fiscalize invoice/void fiscal invoice process from the provided “Facturante Fical” option in left panel.


AirPay POS Interface

AirPay POS is a payment platform to accept payments using a device. Currently, it supports for the Indian currency.

Take a look at how this interface works with Absolute:

In eZee Absolute Configuration:

To enable this interface from the configuration side follows the steps given as below.

  • Step-1: Activate a common Interface layer with the help of our support team.
  • Step-2: Go to “Settings->Interface Settings”.

Step-3: Select “AirPay POS” configure settings and “Save” the details.

  • Step-4: Once settings updated, go to Settings->General->Display settings and select AirPay POS from payment gateway drop-down and update settings.

1. AirPay support INR currency only 
2. 10 digit mobile number is compulsory in order to make payment through AirPay POS.

AirPay POS Payment (Card charge): You can charge any customer using AirPay POS with below steps:
Edit transaction-> Folio detail tab-> select “Bank” from the payment type and select “AirPay POS” from payment gateway type. Enter the amount and click on add.

After clicking on the add button, you will be able to see one pop-up. If your payment registration process is done then you will see a confirmation message on that popup.

Once you see this message. Then insert credit/debit card into the POS device and proceed with payment.

Once you see confirm message on POS device then Click on the Confirm button to add payment detail to a folio.


If you close this pop-up without clicking on confirm button then you will lose your payment detail and that detail will not be available on client’s folio.

Once you click on the confirmation button, you will be able to see payment entry on a folio.

AirPay POS Refund:
Click on a refund from right menu of payment. You will see the screen as shown below:

If you see above pop-up then press key 1 on POS device, enter a password for void and enter trace number shown on screen. Then proceed your refund on POS. Once you see confirm message on POS then click on confirmation button on the pop-up.

AirPay POS Authorization :

To perform authorization with AirPay POS, go to Edit transaction->Folio Detail->Card Authorization-> enter an amount to be authorized and click on the authorized button. You will see the same screen as seen for Payment. Once you see that screen, complete your authorization by inserting card to POS device and complete transaction. Click on the confirmation button, once you’ll see the confirmation message. You will be able to see authorized detail on the Card Capture screen.

AirPay POS Capture(Auth Complete) : 

You can capture the authorized amount from the capture screen. Edit transaction->folio detail->card capture

Once you click on the capture icon, you will see popup shows as below:

After seeing this pop-up, press key 2 on POS device and complete auth capture transaction. once you see the confirmation message, then click on the confirm button on the pop-up.

AirPay POS Reverse(Auth Cancel) :

Click on reverse auth button to cancel the authorized amount. The same screen will show the complete reverse process from POS and click on the confirm button.

Transportation Interface With Ezee Absolute For Maldives Region

We have integrated “Transportation Interface” with eZee Absolute For Maldives Region. Take a look at how this interface works with Absolute:

In eZee Absolute Configuration: 
To enable this interface from the configuration side, follow the steps given as below:

Perform the below steps to configure settings:

Step-1 : Go to “Settings->Others->Transportation Interface”

Step-2: Enable “Interface” and click on “Save” button like below:

Step-2: After clicking on the save button, you will get auth key which will be used while sending the request.

One service needs to be installed on your machine which will provide you multiple transportation flexibility to fulfil needs of Maldives region.

Web Socket – ID Scanner Integration

With this ID Scanner, hotelier can perform two types of ID scan :
1) Thaiid
2) Passport

Absolute Configuration:
Path: Absolute Configuration >> Others >> Settings >> ID Scanner Settings.

Hotelier needs to provide a URL from where the service will fetch data
The hotelier can activate ID Type based on their choice
Download the setup file and install in windows system only, as shown in the below screenshots:

Absolute Front-Office:
The hotelier can scan identity from Walk-in, Insert transaction, and guest profile window as shown in the below screenshots:


Insert Transaction:Guest Profile:

If both ID Types are activated from the configuration side, then it will prompt below popup to choose which ID do you want to scan, as shown in below screenshot :

WAY2SMS Interface

Description: Way2SMS interface setting for eZee Absolute and eZee Reservation.

  1. WAY2SMS Interface Setting at EzeeAbsolute
    Configuration side :
  • Go to SMS -> SMS Settings
  • Select ‘WAY2SMS’ from Provider dropdown and fill the required fields ‘Secret Key’ and ‘API Key’ which is provided by SMS Provider. For a client ID, you have to create sender ID from Way2SMS admin Panel and it’s length must be 6 characters.

Shown in the below screen :

  1. WAY2SMS Interface Setting at EzeeReservation :
  • Settings -> SMS -> Settings
  • Select ‘WAY2SMS’ from Provider dropdown and fill the required fields ‘Secret Key’ and ‘API Key’ which is provided by SMS Provider. For a client ID, you have to create sender ID from Way2SMS admin Panel and it’s length must be 6 characters.


Reputation Management System into “Hotel PMS” and “Channel Manager App”

  • We have introduced a reputation management system into “Hotel PMS” and
    “Channel Manager App”

  • The hotelier can access summary, review, rating and competitor analysis
    of reputation management from app

  • To access reputation management features into the app, follow the steps below:

    • Click on the menu into the bottom panel

    • Into side menu, you’ll see Critique Dashboard, Critique Review list, Critique
      Rating and Critique of Competitor Analysis

           Critique Dashboard:  

  • The hotelier can see average rating, total reviews, positive and
    negative reviews

  • Hotelier will also able to see source wise review, keyword analysis
    and recommended actions


  • The hotelier can also apply for purchase of reputation management from
    the app

  • Click on “I want to purchase”

  • Click on “Okay”, to confirm the purchase of reputation management for
    the property


            Critique Review:

  • To access critique review click on the “menu” and then “Critique Review

  • The hotelier will be able to see all the review from OTA (which he is
    link too) and also the reviews that are provided on booking engine



  • The hotelier can also change the dates to check reviews by accessing the
    “more button header”. And then selecting provided dates or custom

  • The hotelier can also send an email, translate review, share on social media and can reply to reviews given by guests on OTA

  • The hotelier can also search for the specific OTA review


             Critique Rating:

  • The hotelier can see the overall rating given in a span of 30 days

  • All these ratings are the sum of all OTA rating and booking engine



  • The hotelier can also change the dates as per the requirement

  • The hotelier can also search for the specific OTA rating


Critique Competitor Analysis:

  • The hotelier can see his competitor’s rating in this section

  • Maximum 5 competitors can be added into this section

  • The hotelier can compare positive, negative and average reviews



  • The source-wise review also displayed into this section

  • Detailed analysis is also displayed


           Send Mail:

  • The hotelier can send an email of the review as per his requirement

  • Multiple email address (which will be separated by comma) and the description can also be added before sending an email



  • The hotelier can also reply to review given by the guest on OTA

  • Need to add a description which he wants to add against the review

  • Click reply to send it



  • Share via Twitter and Facebook

  • A client can share a review on social media

  • A client can share a review on Facebook and Twitter




Guest Profile in “Hotel PMS” and “Channel Manager Application”

  • We are going to introduce “Guest Profile” in the application. It will
    allow hotelier to Edit Guest information from the application.

  • Below are steps on how Hotelier can take benefit of this feature

  • There are two steps to open the Guest Profile page:

    1) Click on person icon of arrival or departure or reservation list  

2) Click on more button -> Edit Guest Profile  

  • Below are the steps for how to update Guest profile:  

  • Click on the arrival or departure or reservation list. After that,
    click on the person icon button  

  • The guest profile page will open and hotelier can change the guest
    information as per their requirements

  • Click on the SAVE button

  • Updated information will be displayed


Sharer Management in “Hotel PMS” and “Channel Manager Application”

  • We are going to introduce “Sharer Management” in application

  • It will allow hotelier to manage guests

  • Below are steps for sharer management

  • Click on the Arrival or Departure or Reservation list 

  • Click on Guest Name 

  • View transaction page will be open

  • Click on the Sharer information Tab 

  • The hotelier can see Sharer information 

Add Sharer

  • Add Sharer information in the guest profile page

Edit Sharer

Delete sharer


Delete Single/Multiple Notification[s] in Hotel PMS and Channel Manager App

  • We have introduced delete notification on the notification page

  • This feature will provide hotelier to delete single or multiple
    notifications from the application

  • Below are the steps for delete notification:

    To delete single notification;  

  • Click on the Notification icon at the footer or from
    menu->Notification Page  

liL-ZnWQGRvIuiLd1hjSaSTX5PRWJLbjZu9f-HvXj2EdKHbt6xfGRIPGM3TDIHtmpv6Llf1hc-q48M7FZ3UPqL37ZChvMNLdgaNGbnDPrfEMrGPnIcrzoum7tPUO3NfE8677oPYE (929×1600)

Z (922×1600)

  • Click on Cross icon (X) and a confirmation box will appear before
    removing it

  • Click on the YES button

  • Selected notification will be deleted successfully

9k= (929×1600)

Z (931×1600)

Delete Multiple Notification:

  • Click on bin icon into the header

  • Checkbox and count will be visible into the header for selected

  • Select multiple notifications to remove

  • Click on the header bin icon  

9k= (930×1600)

  • A confirmation box will appear before removing it

  • Click on YES button

  • Notification will be deleted successfully










Inclusion Charges Added in Estimated Invoice Amount

We have added a provision to add inclusion charges in the estimated invoice amount.
To add Inclusion on Walk-In Screen:
In Front Office ->  go to “Walk-In Screen” or “New Reservation Screen”

Step 1: Add inclusion from Walk-in screen

Case 1: Open inclusion screen from Walk-in screen (individual reservation for master guest).

Case 2: Open inclusion screen from Walk-in screen (individual reservation for other guests).

Case 3: Open inclusion screen from Walk-in screen (for group reservation).

Step 2: Open inclusion screen from Walk-in screen and add, edit or delete Inclusion (for Individual / Group Reservation).

Step 3:

Case 1: Open rate table screen from the Walk-in screen (individual reservation for master guest).

Case 2: Open rate table screen from the Walk-in screen (for other guests).

Step 4: See added inclusion on “Rates” screen

Default rate list will be listed for the master guest, click ‘Next’ to view other guests’ rate list.

Total Inclusion amount will be added in the estimated invoice amount.

Ageing Debtors Summary Report

Ageing Debtors Summary Report :

We have enhanced ageing debtors summary report in Absolute and provided one functionality to send PDF in user entered email. This will include all detail of selected debtor and folio detail of amount posted with that debtor.

We have given short code field for travel agent screen, company screen and business source which will be shown in the report as the account number of particular Debtor.

We have given provision to add notice which will be used as a footer in PDF.

Take a look at how this works.

In eZee Absolute Configuration:
Update notice from settings→Notices→Ageing Debtors – Report

Give account number in the shortcode for all business source from master→Marketing→Business Source. By updating all business sources.

In eZee Absolute Front office:
update shortcode from the company database and travel agent database same as the business source.

You can select a date range and select debtor which you want to pull out the report as PDF.
If you checkmark “show folio detail” setting then it will show detail data of folio.


Remove Discount Privilege to Users

How does it work?

We have introduced a new privilege “Remove Discount”. When a user tries to void room/folio level discount, then the system will first check whether this new privilege Remove Discount is assigned for that user or not. If yes, then the system will not check the Void item on an open date and Void item on audited date privileges and will allow the user to void discount. If a user doesn’t have rights of Remove Discount, then the system will check the Void item on an open date and Void item on audited date privileges and it will work in the system the same way as it was working in the past.

Absolute Configuration -> User

PayMaster and Complimentary Room

It calculates complimentary rooms based on the configured “Room Property” option on “Rooms->Room” screen just like below:

There are two options to configure the complimentary room;

  • Paymaster Room: If hotelier wants to set the room as paymaster (virtual) room then he/she needs to select this option
  • Count Paymaster Room In Inventory: If hotelier wants to count this room in inventory then he/she needs to select this option. Else, it will not count paymaster room in inventory

Now, hotelier also needs to define the formula to calculate this inventory at various places such as reports, like below screenshot:

Go to “Settings->Formula”

There are two options that are reflecting complimentary rooms;

  1. Paymaster Rooms: Check this option if you want to count paymaster rooms in “Total Rooms”
  2. Paymaster Rooms – Complimentary Rooms: If you are selling paymaster room as complimentary room and you want to count it in “Total Room Sold” then you can enter here the quantity that will count in the formula. For example; if you’ll enter zero (0) then it will not count it in “Total Room Sold”

Once you’ll configure the above settings then it will reflect on each place wherever complimentary rooms are getting displayed.

Note: Above changes are reflected in below screens.

FrontOffice: “Manager Report”, “Weekly Manager Report” and “Quick View”

Mobile Reports: “Complimentary Rooms” in Quick View->Today’s Statistics

Mobile App: “Dashboard” and “Manager Report”

Below is a screenshot of “Quick View” screen:


Centralised Guest Profile – Add filter VIP Status

Until now, the system was not displaying the VIP status in a “Centralised Guest Profile”. However, from now, we have provided provision to add/edit the VIP status. Also, we have provided a filter in “Advanced Search” to select guest with the VIP Status.

If we want to Select All Records(having VIP status and without VIP status) then Select “All” as shown in the Screenshot below:

If we want to list only records with the VIP Status then Select “VIP” and hit the Search button to get all the VIP Status data.

If we want to list the specific VIP record then Insert VIP Status Name and hit the “Search” button.

Below attached is the screenshot of “General Info Tab” showing the VIP status of Guest:


Group Folio Operation

Introducing group folio operation for group operations. This feature allows the user to perform the folio operation of the group. A user can perform the various operation which is as follow:


  1. Do not generate invoice number on check out

    • This operation is performed from the group reservation or in-house group section.

  2. Generate invoice number on check out

    • This operation is performed from the group reservation or in-house group section.

  3. Generate invoice number for the selected folio after checkout

    • This operation is performed from the departed group section and when the group has checked out.