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Centralised Guest Profile System

We are introducing our new feature “Centralised Guest Profile System”.  This feature is useful for chain or group properties. Now chain properties can seamlessly access guest data captured at the time of reservation at any of their properties.

This helps them in knowing their guests better and focus on improving the experience when the guest returns to one of their hotels at another location.

How to configure Centralised Guest Profile System:
Settings -> Others  -> Centralised Guest Profile Management

Settings -> Centralised Guest Profile

How to access Centralised Guest Profile System:

Here is our Dashboard. It contains list of Guest across all properties in chain with additional information like:

New Profiles:  Contains all New Profiles added to Guest Profile System in last month.

Modified Profiles:  Contains all Modified Profiles in Guest Profile System in last month.

Total No Shows & Cancellation: Contains count of No Shows & Cancellation Profiles

When we click on any particular guest, below screen is will be displayed. It contains basic Info of Guest
along with Feature Tab. Feature Tab contains

  1. Total Revenue of Guest in that chain of properties
  2. Total No shows and Cancellation of that particular guest
  3. DNR (Do not Rent):  Contains list of Blacklisted Guest
  4. Profile Completion which will be based on Information added in Profile
  5. Total Visits which will count no of visits in chain of properties

DNR (Do Not Rent):

As highlighted in above figure, DNR Data is represented AS (Total DNR Record/Total Visits).For instance,in (1 /2) 1 is Total DNR count while 2 is Total Visit of Guest.

We have also provided option to select Guest from Centralised Guest Profile System in Walk In/ Reservation Screen.

Important Points:
  1. Sharer Information will be added if and only if Folio of sharer is created.
  2. Any profile changes in PMS will be reflected in Guest Profile System but any changes in Guest Profile System will not be reflected back in PMS.
  3. Guest Email ID or Phone/ Mobile no. is mandatory to add Guest in Guest Profile System. Any Guest whose Email or ID or Phone/ Mobile no. is not inserted, guest will not be added in Guest Profile System.
  4. Any changes like change in Reservation Type, payment settlement, change in status etc. from our system will be reflected in Guest Profile System.

Note: Please contact us for syncing past guest data.

Package Rate Feature

Now the system will apply package on booking for packaged rate type in which the system will post inclusion(s) charges defined for the package on folio and those inclusion(s) will be bifurcated from the nightly room charge. Please see below for more details :

eZee Absolute Configuration
You can now define package on a Rate Type itself from Rate -> Rate Type module. Here you can define existing rate type as packaged or same for a new one too. Please see the below screenshot.

Once you set the rate type as a package, the system will show you one block where you have to configure further details for the package. Please see the below screenshot.

Night(s) :  Define night for the package, based on the weekly, monthly, yearly package as per the need.

Valid “From” And “To” :  If you want to sell the rate type as a package for the specific duration like; in peak season or in the festival – you can define package validity by the date range. Within that date range, the rate type will be treated as a package or the same as normal (without package).

Min Night(s) And Max Night(s) : If you want to the sell rate type as a package for a specific night(s) of booking, then set night validity. If booking night(s) are falling in this range, then the package will be applied on bookings, otherwise not.

Consolidate on Folio : Based on a defined night for the package, if you want to see consolidated room charge as a single entry, then check this setting. Otherwise, the system will show you room charges including the inclusion charges.

Note : According to this setting, print folio will display room charge(s) separately or together. As of now, we have implemented this in UK and India’s folio templates. If you need the same in your configured folio template, then please send its request to your account manager. It will be implemented based on your request.

Display name on Folio : It’s optional. If you set any custom name for the package, then that name will get display on consolidated entry. Otherwise, the rate type name will be displayed.

Inclusion List

  • Inclusion : System will list all your extra charge(s). You can set unique charge(s) once only per package.
  • Posting Rule : System will list posting rule. If you have set posting rule on extra charge itself, then it will be automatically set on charge selection. Otherwise, you can set it manually.
  • Charge Rule : System will list charge rule. If you have set charge rule on extra charge itself, then it will be auto set on charge selection. Otherwise you can set it manually.
  • Rate : If you have defined rates of the extra charge itself, then it will be auto set on charge selection. Otherwise, you can set it manually.
  • Tax Incl. : You can define rate as exclusive or inclusive of tax.

This is all about how you can configure the package. Based on your needs, you can configure package on other rate types also. In a nutshell, you have to define rate type itself as a package. Now, we will see how it will be reflected on booking.

Note : You have to configure your rack-rate as well as rate including package rate. As package rate will be bifurcated from this rate on booking. Please keep a note on this point before starting with its actual usage.

If you have defined your rate type as a package, the system will display its respective charges on rate type list. Please see the below screenshot.

eZee Reservation / Channel

Same as rate type module of eZee Absolute Configuration, in eZee Reservation / Channel also you can configure package in rate type module.

eZee Absolute Frontend

Let’s take one booking from walk In / Reservation screen with Bed And Breakfast rate type, as we have defined package on this rate type. Once you select Bed And Breakfast, package option will appear in operation list as shown in the below screenshot.

If you click on the package option, the below-displayed screen will appear.

The defined package will be shown here. You can modify it based on a need otherwise default configured package will be applied on booking. Here we can consider like, all day wise inclusion will be mapped with its respected posting date’s room charge. According to this, based on defined posting rule of inclusion, you can shift its binding with room charge wherever you want. See the below screenshot, showing its default shuffle when you click on Inclusion Shuffle button. You can shift inclusion based on your needs.

Likewise, you can modify package on group booking too. Let’s see below screenshot showing package provision on group booking.

You can modify package for the whole group at once from global options. Also, you can do the same for each individual booking too. See the below screenshot for same.

You can see package details in the audit trail too. For example; which definition is applied on booking, which inclusion posted and all.

This is all about how you can modify default applicable package at the time of insert booking in the system.

Note : If the package is applied on booking, then the discount will not be applicable and vice versa.

Once booking is inserted, there’s still a provision to modify applied package from edit transaction. Let’s see below.

You can see all its details in the audit trail. For example; which inclusion is newly added or removed and updated with details. If you remove all inclusion, then the whole package gets removed from booking and respected audit log will be displayed in audit trail screen. You can see its posting on folio in the Folio Detail tab. Let’s see below.

Here, If the itemised list is unchecked, you can see a consolidated view based on the configured night for consolidate folio’s entry.

This is all about the package. How package will be applied on booking and how it looks on the folio. Now, we will see on which operations, package will be reflected. Those operations are :

  1. Update Rate
  2. Update Rate type
  3. Update Pax
  4. Assign room with override rates
  5. Room move with override rates
  6. Exchange room with override rates
  7. Amend stay
  8. Cancel And No-show
  9. Undo Cancel And No-show
  10. Move, Split and Cut folio

Let’s see all of the above in brief :

1. Update Rate
We know that if the package is applied on booking that means the package rate is included in room charge itself. Therefore, whenever you will change the room rate on booking, the package will remain as it is, just room charges will be recalculated. Same on group booking too.

2. Update Rate type
We know that, we have defined rate type itself as a package. Therefore, whenever you will change the rate type on booking, the package will be modified automatically. If the new rate type is a package, then the new package will be applied and the old one will be removed. If the package is not defined on new rate type, then the existing package will be removed. In short, all will be dependant on your rate type configuration. Same on group booking too.

3. Update Pax
Suppose you have defined package having charge rule – for example; per adult, per child or per person and you are going to update the PAX on booking, at that time, system will confirm like “Do you want to apply these PAX changes on package having Charge Rule such as Per Person, Per Adult and Per Child?”. Otherwise, the system will not alert you with such message. Hence, there’s no action required on it. Assume that the system is confirming and if you will click on OK, then inclusion(s) having such charge rule will be updated, otherwise will remain the same. Same on group booking too.

4. Assign room with override rates
Same as an update rate case. For example; you are going to assign a room on other room type with override room rate and the package is applied on booking then room rate will be recalculated.

5. Room move with override rates
Same as an update rate case. For example; you are going to move room from current room type to other room type with override room rate and the package is applied on booking then the room rate will be recalculated.

6. Exchange room with override rates
Same as an update rate case. For example; you are going to exchange two with override room rate and the package is applied on booking then the room rate will be recalculated.

7. Amend stay
Whenever you will perform the amend stay, the system will re-apply the default applicable package on booking as per new stay. Same on group amend stay too.

8. Cancel And No-show
As we know, inclusion posted by the package is nothing but part of stay level room charge. Therefore, on cancel and no-show of booking, respected inclusion will be voided along with its rental level room charge. Same on group booking too. Cancellation from any end (like channel, booking engine etc.) this same will be applicable.

9.Undo Cancel And No-show
According to the above point, the inclusion of package will be voided along with its rental charge, on Undo Cancel and No-show, respected inclusion will be activated along with it’s room charge.

10. Move, Split and Cut folio
Whenever you will perform any such operation on any folio, inclusion posted by package will be moved on destination folio along with it’s respected room charge if package applied on booking.

While checking listing page, you have many bookings in a list. How will you know which booking package has or not been applied? For that, the system will display the package icon with its inclusion charges. Below are those listing page :

  • Reservation List
  • Arrival List
  • Quick search
  • Stayview, More Information on each individual booking

Let’s see all the above 4 in brief :

Reservation List

Arrival List

Quick Search

Stayview, More Information on each individual booking

Booking Engine / Channel Booking / Rise (New Extranet)

Default Package will be applied on booking as per the configuration.

Modify Channel Booking

On channel modification, old will be removed and new will be applied based on the configuration.

Drag And Drop Feature For Stayview

This feature allows a user to perform room move, amend stay and/or both operations from stayview screen. A user just need to drag the transaction/booking and drop it on a particular room for that particular date. It will work in following way,

Room Move Only :

  • If you’re performing only room move operation for the same date and same room type, then the system just need your confirmation. Once you’ll allow, it’ll directly move the guest to destination room.

  • If you’re performing only room move operation for the same date but different room type, then it’ll ask you to override room rate according to destination room type. If you don’t want to override the room rate, then it’ll simply move the room without override the rate.

  • If you want to override room rate, then the popup window will open and you can enter rates in it to perform the operation.

Amend Stay Only :

  • If you’re performing only amend stay operation for the same room, then you can select the date and also choose the override room rate option for that duration.

Room Move With Amend Stay :

  • If you’re moving the room and also changing the stay duration, then it will consider as “Room Move With Amend Stay”. Hence, in this operation, the user can move the room by modifying the stay duration as well.

  • In this operation user also can choose the override room rate option for that duration and particular room type.

Restrictions :

System restrict user to perform the operations in the following conditions :

  • System will not allow to room move and/or amend stay for the past date.

  • If guest is inhouse, then the system will not allow user to perform room move and/or amend stay for the future date (e.g. if the guest is staying from 25th Jan 2019 to 26th Jan 2019 and system date is 25th Jan 2019 and guest is already checked in, then you can’t drag it to the future date like 29th Jan 2019 because he/she is already inhouse), user is only be able to move the room for inhouse guest.

  • System will not allow to perform room move and/or amend stay for the guest who has already checked out.

  • System will not allow to perform room move and room move with amend stay on those room types which are not getting mapped by the rate plan. Hence, only amend say is allowed.

  • System will not allow to perform room move and/or amend stay if inventory is not available for that particular duration and room & room type.

  • System will allow to perform only those users which has the privilege to perform these operations.

New Statistical Report – “Rooms on Books” in Absolute Front Office

We have recently created one report “Rooms On Books” which is also called ROB. ROB
report has all the information about the sold room and room revenue information of last 10 days as well as for the next 30 to 60 days. However, only export to XLS option will be available for this report.

In this Report, you’ll get all the below information;

1) RPD for last days
2) Future reservation counts like the next 10 days, next 11 to 20 days, next 21 to 30 days & next 30 days.
3) Count of in-house rooms, confirmed bookings, departures & group booking of the next 30 days.
4) Cancellation made on a selected date
5) Amendments made on the selected date
6) No Show(s) made on the selected date
7) Reservations made on the selected date
8) Reservations pick-up trend
9) Tentative (Unconfirmed Reservation) made on the selected date
10) Complimentary reservations made on the selected date

We have used some Abbreviations on the report. Explanations are as below:
1) RPD: Room Sold Per Day
2) ROB: Rooms On Books ((In house – Departure) + Confirm Booking + No of rooms under Group booking)
3) ARR: Average Room Rate (Total Revenue / Total sold room)

Note: Report is Tax Exclusive

The sample report is attached for your reference.


Automatic Confirmation Email to Travel Agent in Case of Contracted Source Booking

Currently, in case of normal or contracted rate mode, we are sending a “Reservation Voucher” in an email with rates details and amount section to guest only. However, from now, we’ve given provision to send the full voucher with rates details and amount section to contracted source and the guest will receive the same voucher with rates and amount section in hidden.

eA Configuration Panel:

We have provided settings in Settings->General->Print and Email Settings

If the setting is ON and booking is taken with contracted rates, guest will receive an email in the below format.


While contracted source will receive an email in the below format

If setting is OFF, then an email will be sent only to guest with both rates details and amount section, in case of both contracted as well as normal rate mode.


  • Reflection will be on walkin (auto email), Reservation List -> Print Voucher, Group Reservation List -> Print Voucher and Edit Transaction -> Send Email.
  • Above changes will be reflected for Confirm, Unconfirm and Hold Booking Vouchers.

Identity Card Scanning Integration in App

We have integrated BlinkId interface in “Hotel PMS and Channel Manager”
application. Currently, end-user is entering identity information (Identity
type and number) manually. However, from now, with the help of this interface, the end user just need to scan identity to view all the information. Then he/she can pick a piece of information with just one tap.

Steps to activate this interface:

Step 1: As we are using Microblink
service, hotelier needs to have an account in Microblink. If in case they don’t have an account, then they can generate their account from here.

Step 2: After login with Microblink account we will see the below page.

Step 3: Redirect to Web API by clicking on Web API Keys link as shown in the
below screenshot.

Step 4: On Web API keys page, click on “GENERATE NEW MICROBLINK API KEY” as
shown in the below screenshot.

Step 5: It will display Privacy consent as shown below.

Click on AGREE button to continue.

Step 6: Finally we will get the authorization key. Check inside the red rectangle
in the below screenshot. We need to configure that authorization key in the configuration panel.

Step 7: Open the eZee Absolute configuration from Settings->Interface

Step 9: Select BlinkId interface from the drop-down list.

Step 10: Enter the authorization key which was mentioned in Step 6. This
will complete Interface configuration.

Take a look at how this interface works in application

Currently, we are asking for identity only. When hotelier try to check-in
and there is no identity available for that particular guest.

Note: “SCAN” button in the second screenshot will allow hotelier to scan
identity. This will be available only if this interface is active and

When the user clicks on the SCAN button, it will display a list of all supporting identity. If a hotelier is sure about identity type, then they just
need to pick that identity name and click on OK. Or else press on skip.


Once we click on OK or SKIP, it will open the camera. We just need to click the picture of an identity card so that it can scan and read it. Once
the interface read an identity card, it will list down all information which are
available on it as shown in the below picture.

A user just need to click on any record from IDENTITY INFORMATION block, it
will copy that information in an identity number textbox, and then you can press the
SAVE button to save identity.

Randomising Document Numbering

We have given provision to Generate Random Numbers for randomising document numbering of Folios, Invoices and Reservations.

Settings on eZee Absolute and eZee Reservation Configuration Panel:

In eZee Absolute Settings->General->Document Numbering

In eZee Reservation Settings->Reservation Numbering Settings

Effects on UI/UX :




  1. Sorting will not work on any listing screen and reports across the system when this setting is enabled.
  2. When we disable this setting and try to change  document numbering prefix /Next, it may clash with random document numbering.

Reputation Management System into Hotel PMS and Channel Manager App

We have added Critique, our reputation management system in the eZee Absolute mobile app.

  • You can access summary, reviews, ratings and competitor analysis of reputation management from the app.

  • To access reputation management in the app, follow the steps below:

    • Click on menu in the bottom panel.
    • In the side menu, you’ll be able to see Critique Dashboard, Critique Review list, Critique Rating and Critique Competitor Analysis.

  • Critique Dashboard:

  • You’ll be able to see average rating, total reviews, positive and negative reviews.
  • You’ll also be able to see source wise review, keyword analysis and recommended actions.

  • You’ll be able to apply for the purchase of reputation management from the app itself.
  • Click on “I want to purchase”. Click on “Okay” to confirm the purchase of reputation management for your property.

  • Critique Review:

  • To access critique reviews, click on menu and then Critique Review List.
  • You will be able to see all the review from OTAs which you are linked to and the reviews you receive on the booking engine.

  • You can also change the dates to check reviews by accessing the “More” button in the header. And then select the provided dates or custom date.
  • You can also send mail, translate review, share on social media and reply to reviews on the OTA.
  • You can also search for reviews on specific OTAs.

  • Critique Rating:

  • You can see the overall ratings given in the span of 30 days.
  • All these ratings are a sum of all OTA ratings and booking engine ratings.

  • You can also change the dates as per requirement.
  • You can also search for specific OTA ratings.

  • Critique Competitor Analysis:

  • You can see you competitor rating in this section.
  • Maximum 5 competitor can be added in this section.
  • You can compare positive, negative and average review.

  • Source wise review are also displayed in this section.
  • Detailed analysis is also displayed.

  • Send Mail:

  • You can send mail of the review as per your requirement.
  • Multiple email addresses can also be added separated by a comma, with a description added, before sending an email.

  • Reply:

  • You can also reply to reviews given by the guest on an OTA.
  • You need to add description which you want to add against the review.
  • Click reply to send it.

  • Share via Twitter and Facebook

  • You can share review on Facebook and Twitter.

New SMS Gateway Integration : Elixir Pay SMS, Text My SMS

Elixir Pay SMS :

We have introduced a new SMS provider for Korean region i.e. Elixir Pay SMS for eZee Absolute and eZee Reservation.

eZee Absolute :
eZee Absolute Configuration -> SMS -> SMS Setting

eZee Reservation :
eZee Reservation -> SMS -> Setting

Text My SMS :

We have introduced a new SMS Provider – Text My SMS for eZee Absolute and eZee Reservation.

eZee Absolute :
eZee Absolute Configuration -> SMS -> SMS Setting

eZee Reservation :
eZee Reservation -> SMS -> Setting

ID Scanner Integration with eZee Absolute

3 ID Scanner integrations with Absolute.
1) TechTrex – TT800
2) Acuant – ScanShell 800
Absolute Configuration:
Path: Absolute Configuration >> Others >> Settings >> ID Scanner Settings.
As shown in SS below, hotelier needs to configure all the needful information. Audit Trail is maintained for each activity.

Absolute Front-Office:
Hotelier can scan identity from the walk-in, insert transaction and guest profile window as shown in below SS.

Insert Transaction: 

Guest Profile:

Display Blue Man Icon in Absolute If Cleaning is in Progress

In PMS & Channel Manager App, a blue little man shows when a housekeeper presses ”start” to clean a room.

We have introduced a similar feature in Absolute, where the blue man icon will be displayed in Housekeeping-> house status, if the housekeeper clicks on START button from the PMS app.

Note: Blue man icon will not be displayed in Absolute if the housekeeper clicks on HOLD or CLEAN button after pressing START.

Suite Room UX Updated

In Suite Room/Child Room, we have a way to see which rooms are connected. Now, we have changed it to mouse hover on tool-tip. The change is applied on stay view and room view.

Stay view

Room view

Lead Square Integration With Absolute

Lead Squared Integration is integrated into the sync guest profile in eZee Absolute and Lead Squared.

This is a paid integration. Hence, the subscription team need to activate it after the PO Confirmation. The ticket needs to be generated for activation.

Once the interface is activated, you will see the “settings page” below.
eZee Absolute Configuration -> Settings -> Others -> Lead Squared Settings

This is the 2-way process.

1) If a lead is already created in the Lead Squared and you want to create that profile in eZee Absolute, then we provide a one Webhook URL to Lead Squared for creating a lead in eZee with just a single click. Lead Squared will pass Lead ID in our webhook URL and the profile will be created for that particular property in eZee Absolute.

2) If the profile is created in eZee Absolute and wants to generate its lead in Lead Squared, then from eZee Absolute Front Office, we send an update to Lead Squared when below operations are performed:

a) If a new guest profile is created OR existing profile gets updated then Create/Update lead in Lead Squared.

b) After a new reservation is created, send sales activity to Lead Squared

c) When there is a change in an existing guest’s email ID and any sales activity still exists with that email ID, then we move that activity from an old email to a new one.

Note: eR/eC Bookings Profile will not be synced automatically in Lead Squared at this moment.

eVisitor – Integration to Support Bosnian Tax Administration

We have integrated eVisitor with eZee Absolute in line with Bosnia’s tax administration.
Take a look at how this interface works with Absolute:

In eZee Absolute Configuration:

To enable this interface from the configuration side, follow the steps given below.

We have integrated this interface on the common interface layer. So you need to activate a common interface layer to use this interface.

Once the interface layer will get activated, you’ll be able to access interface setting shown in below screenshot

Perform the below steps to configure settings.

  1.  Go to “Settings->Others->Interface Settings”.
  2. Select “eVisitor Prijavaba” Configure settings and “Save” the details.

1. You must have been mapped identity type, which is mandatory to use this interface.
2. Guest birth-date and identity details must have been added in the transaction.

In eZee Absolute Front office:
When you attempt to perform check-in, update guest details, check-out operations, and sharer related operations after check-in, the system will send needful data to eVisitor.
After performing above operations, you will get notified of a specific request like; Check-in, Edit checkin or checkout. Weather your request is accepted by evisitor or not.

If there is failure, you will get failure message. You can also check audit trail of each request.

GTI: Electronic Invoice Integration for Costa Rica

GTI interface is an online system that lets you send an invoice to the Ministry of Finance tax system to be registered as stipulated by the regulations present in the current resolution. The service is interconnected with GTI-Electronic Invoice. Hence, it can issue electronic invoices.

Absolute sends GTI data to GTI local service, and service sends those data to GTI web service.

To enable GTI interface from the configuration side, follow the steps as given below.

  1.  Go to “Settings->Others->Fiscal Interface”
  2. Configure GTI settings and “Save” the details.

Remember !

1. It is mandatory to configure identity code mapping from Configuration->master-> General->Identity type. Which will indicate the type of identification. GTI support below identities.

01 – physical identification card
02 – Legal Cedula
03 – Dimex
04 – Nite
10 – foreign

2. Use below codes for payment mapping in short-code from Configuration->master-> General->Pay method. Below are the codes for pay-methods.

01 – Cash Or Cityledger
05 – Cheque
09 – Bank
11 – Debit or Other

Once you set up the GTI configuration, you are all set to use the GTI interface. But, make sure you have installed service set up.

Print Invoice Request:

The system will automatically send a Print request to GTI upon checkout for all folios. If your print request fails on checkout, then you can re-send it manually through the print invoice button.

For Group checkout, there will be one popup for fiscalising multiple folios of the group. A user can click on “Fiscalised Invoice” button after checking folios from it.

Void Print Request:

After checkout, a user can void a print request by performing the undo checkout. The system will also send a void print request upon void transaction operation after checkout.

You can check from audit trail logs that your fiscal request sent successfully or not. Also, there will be a request type such as; print or Void.

“Deactivate Room Owner Provision” is Now Available in Absolute

Earlier, there was no provision of deactivating room owner. But now, we have added this provision in Absolute. 
eZee Absolute Configuration -> Rooms -> Room Owner

Set Registration Number mandatory in travel agent database

You can now set registration number field as mandatory in travel agent database based on the new settings provided in configuration of eZee Absolute.


if this setting is checked in eZee Absolute configuration, the registration number becomes mandatory in add as well as edit mode in travel agent database at the eZee Absolute front end.