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eZee iLoyalty Integration

eZee Absolute is now integrated with loyalty program software, eZee iLoyalty.

eZee iLoyalty, as the name suggests helps you manage all your hotel customer loyalty programs easily from one place. Increase your repeat guests and revenue by setting up the best loyalty programs at your hotel through eZee iLoyalty.

In eZee Absolute Configuration:

Settings -> Other  -> iLoyalty Settings

Here you’ll find iLoyalty Activation Settings.

Hotel Id: This field will be displayed by default as your logged in property code.

Location Id: This is a mandatory field. You’ll find this field value from your eZee iLoyalty Account.

Authorization Key : This is mandatory field. You’ll find this field value from your iLoyalty Account.

Discounts: From this field, you can select discount which is displayed in folio details, if there are any discounts available on card and your guest redeems it.

Posting Account: From this field, you can select city ledger which is displayed in folio details, if there are any points available on card and your guest redeems those points.

Note: There is one “Test” button next to “Authorization Key” and after inserting “Location Id” & “Authorization Key“, you can test whether both details are valid or not.

Point Configuration: Here you find points configuration like 1 Rs = 10 Points.

Allow earning point(s) from City ledger?: In our system, your guest will earn points once you perform check-out on reservation. So if booking has “Bill To” = Company, then in during the “point-earning” process, the system will check whether this setting is ON or not. If setting is ON, then only it perform “Earn Point” process. 

In eZee Absolute Front office:

For iLoyalty, you can find total 4 main actions in eZee Absolute Front Office

  1. Use iLoyalty
  2. iLoyalty Redeem
  3. Earn and iLoyalty Revoke (Earned Points)
  4. Rollback
1) Use iLoyalty

Once iLoyalty Configuration fields are inserted from eZee Absolute Configuration, then in below-mentioned places you’ll find “Use iLoyalty” action.

  1. Walk In / Reservation -> Guest Information Tab
  2. Walk In / Reservation -> Global Options
  3. If there are multiple rooms selected, then you can find this option in each row of booking.

Note: Mobile No. is considered as Card No. in our system. So if you want to use iLoyalty Card for particular Reservation then “Mobile No.” is a mandatory field. 

Once you insert Mobile No., and click on action “Use iLoyalty” then it will open iLoyalty Card Selection screen and display your card current status (Active/ Inactive). Here, you’ll also find “Reset Card” button. On use of that button, you can reset your card details.

2) iLoyalty Redeem

If there are Card Details found for particular booking, then it will allow you to redeem points on booking from your iLoyalty card.

For Redeem, go to “Edit Transactions” -> “Folio Details” -> “More” -> “iLoyalty Redeem”. Once you click on this button, it will display your card details as well as current card points balance and redeem option.

Remember below points before performing “Redeem” operation:

  1. For one booking, it will allow to perform “Redeem” only once. Once this operation is done on a booking, after that the system will display only card point balance and folio balance.
  2. “Redeem Points” button is enabled only when folio balance amount and your card point balance is greater than zero.
  3. If card status is “Active”, then only it allow you to redeem.
  4. After click on “Redeem Points” button, the system will require an OTP for further process and you will find it from your iLoyalty Account.
  5.  After inserting the right OTP, is will perform redeem action and post redeem entry on folio details with use of “Posting Account” configured in iLoyalty Setting.
  6. After done one time redeem on booking, if you want to change redeem amount then you need to “Void” previous redeem entry, then only it allow you to redeem.
  7. After checking out, it will not allow you to redeem points.

3) Earn and iLoyalty Revoke

Earn points is an automatic process. It is performed at the time of guest check-out if there are any card details found on booking.

After successfully performing check-out, you find “iLoyalty Revoke” action at “Edit Transactions” -> “Folio Details” -> “More”. With use of this action, you can revoke earned points.

4) Rollback

Rollback is auto process and it is called when you perform any of the below-mentioned action. And it is call if Redeem or Earn done on booking.

  1. Void Reservation (Single & Group Reservation)
  2. Cancel Reservation (Single & Group Reservation)
  3. No Show Reservation (Single & Group Reservation)
  4. Undo Checkout

Auto-complete for Travel Agent and Vendor Creation

Now, the auto-complete feature is available on Expense Voucher and POS screens.

When you start typing Travel Agent business name and Vendor’s business name, the system will show you maximum 10 suggestions for the written name. By selecting it with one click, you’ll be able to save that record accordingly.

When you click on any particular record, the system will directly insert information regarding that particular record into the screen.

New Feature: Tax Mapping at Room Type in PMS

We have opened up tax mapping at room type level. So basically when bookings are taken in PMS, the system will first check tax mapping at room type level. If that is found, then the respective room type level tax will be mapped on the booking. If room-type level tax mapping not found, then the system will consider the normal Room Revenue tax mappings.

We have enabled this feature only for PMS currently. This change will not be reflected on bookings coming from eZee Reservation and eZee Centrix. You’ll see normal Room Revenue Tax mapped on those bookings. For such bookings, you’ll have to manually exempt tax from PMS with Tax Exempt feature and then assign new tax on booking based on their need with Tax Assign Feature in PMS.

We have enhanced the room type screen and introduced tax mapping on Room Type.

In eZee Absolute Configuration
1) Configuration -> Rooms -> Room Type

2) Configuration -> Rate -> Tax

– If tax is already mapped on room type, then it will show in detail logs for both Absolute configuration and Reservation configuration.

– If you have performed operation of Active to Inactive for any tax, then system will check tax mapping for room type. If mapping is found then tax is not deactivated. You can find the mapping details as per below-shown screen.

In eZee Absolute Front office

If you have configured tax and mapped with room type, then below-mentioned operations will be affected in Front office and also its respected audit trails are well managed.

Affected Operation are :
1) Direct Check-in and Reservation Operation via Walk in Screen.
Note: If tax is applied on both Room Type and Room Charges, then it will be considered as
a Room Type Level tax only.
2) Rate Table Screen
3) Room Move Operation. This operation are handled from eZee Absolute and its app.
4) Assign Room Operation. This operation are handled from eZee Absolute and its app.
5) Exchange Room Operation.
6) Posting Room Charges manually on Folio from Edit Transaction Screen, manage Audit Trial for the same.
7) Amend Stay
8) Past Date Transaction Operation

Below-mentioned cases are also handled.

Case: Booking comes in the system without tax. Later, when you’ll ask to map tax in room type and / or room charges level, then system will insert the tax while updating the rate on single and Group Reservation. So, you’ll have to perform Update Rate operation to have this effect.

If tax is mapped on room type, then audit trail is managed for above all operations.

Audit Trial Screen Shot

ROP Interface For Oman

It is an interface only for Oman region. It will allow our users in Oman to send guest’s data to ROP (Royal Oman Police) on various operations like received booking/walk-in, check-in, check-out, room change and several other operations.

To enable ROP interface from configuration, follow the steps given as below.

  • Step-1: Go to Settings -> Others -> ROP Interface
  • Step-2: Configure ROP settings and “Save” the details.

System will send data to ROP from background, but in case of any failure/service is off/error then user can send data manually using following steps.

  • Step-1: Go to Edit Transaction -> General Information -> More -> Send ROP Data

  • Step-2: You can see the status of ROP request in audit trail for particular operation.

Notes: ROP data will be sent only for single transaction. It will not affect on group operations like group check-in/check-out and multiple check-in (in night audit screen).

Required data for ROP: There is a field which is mandatory in process to send data to ROP, which is given below. Remember! Without the required data, the system will not sent ROP request.

Required fields for ROP are:

  • Guest Details :
    • Guest Name
    • Contact Number (Mobile/Phone number) or E-Mail ID
    • Birth Date
    • Gender
    • Nationality
  • Booking Details:
    • Arrival Date
    • Departure Date
    • Room Number
    • Number of Room/s
    • Number of Occupants
  • Identity Document Details:
    • Document Type
    • Document Number
    • Document Issue Country
  • Configuration Details:
    • Provider Id
    • Outlet Id
    • User Id

EzyWay Payment Gateway Integration

EzyWay: Addition to our list of existing payment gateway integrations.

EzyWay is the newly integrated Payment gateway which supports only SALE operation.

Points to note:

(1) This payment gateway only supports MYR currency for any transaction.

(2) Payment receipt will be sent to the customer if the email address of customer is present in the record.