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Tax operation on room charges in bookings and POS

You’ll now be able to perform tax operations on room charges in bookings and POS.

Case 1: To apply new tax on booking

Case 1.1: Open Edit Transaction -> Folio Detail Tab. Open Tax Operation Screen. Under that ‘More’ option in Folio Detail Tab.
1) Refer below screenshot. The system will show all active tax by default.

2) If we select any tax which is not applied on bookings and perform the tax-exempt operation, then the system will show a message as below.

Here, there are two possibilities to apply a new tax on booking.

  • If you’re selecting tax dates and tax definition, then click on ‘Assign’ button. The system can directly apply new tax without performing any exempt operation.
  • If you’re exempting existing tax on a booking, then you can apply new tax or assign existing tax.

After applying the new tax on room charges, it will be shown as below.

Case 1.2: Open Group Edit -> Folio Tab. Open Tax Operation Screen. Under that ‘More’ option in Folio Tab.

Follow the same process as Case 1.1.

Case 2: To apply a new tax on POS
Here, you need to go to the tax operation screen in the POS.

Room Charges: By default, the tax operation is performed as room charges. Or if you can click on ‘Room charges’ operation, then the tax applied on the room charges will be displayed.

Here, the system will show all active taxes on performing tax operation at room charges level.

If you’re applying new taxes on room charges, then follow the same process as above mentioned Case 1.1 under Case 1.
After applying a new tax on room charges, it will be shown as below:

Extra Charges: If you can click on ‘Extra Charges’ option, then the tax will be applied on Extra Charges as shown.

Here, the process will remain the same as followed in exempting and assigning tax operation.

POS to PMS credit limit feature

We have introduced a new Credit Limit feature for POS to PMS posting.

To enable this feature you have to enable the setting of “Credit Limit on Folio”.

If you enable that feature, then you can show “Set Credit Limit” option on Folio Detail screen.

You can find this option in the “More” menu of Folio Detail screen.

On click of “Set Credit Limit”, a pop-up as shown below will open.

There are 4 limit types:

    1. Unlimited: You can do unlimited POS to PMS posting without any limit.
    2. By Balance: You can do posting up to credit folio balance. If credit folio balance is less than the posting amount, then
      it will give an alert at the POS side with below message: “You are not allowed to post charges to the room. Reason: Credit limit set on folio says credit balance is less than posting amount”.
    3. Up to Folio Credit Limit: You can do posting up to an amount which you have set in the “POS Credit Limit”. If posting
      amount is beyond the POS Credit limit, then an alert will be shown in the POS with below message:
      “You are not allowed to post charges to the room. Reason: Credit limit set on folio says your credit limit for posting charges is over”.
    4. Up to Folio Credit Limit Daily: Allow posting up to the limit which is set on a daily basis. If the posting amount is beyond the POS daily credit limit, then an alert will be shown in the POS with below message:
      “You are not allowed to post charges to the room. Reason: Credit limit set on folio says your daily credit limit for posting charges is over”.

There’s also one more setting we have added for the POS to PMS posting, which is posting allowed only for credit card holder.
From this setting, we have allowed POS to PMS posting only for those bookings which have credit card details stored.

If the credit card details are not stored, then the system won’t allow POS to PMS posting, and even give an alert in the POS with below message:

“You are not allowed to post charges to the room. Reason: Credit Card details are not available on the booking”

Guest Portal request-response email is now custom-language supported

We have implemented language support in eZee Absolute Guest Portal request and response emails. From the Guest Portal, your guest can manage his reservation details as well as make a request and review the requested status.

Take a look how to set Guest Portal emails as language supported:

In eZee Absolute Configuration
1) Configuration -> Settings -> Others -> Guest Portal Settings

Once the Guest Portal request email option is enabled, a text area named as “Send Request Mail To” will appear. You can register multiple email addresses separated with a comma (,) to receive guest portal requests in email.

When the guest portal request is responded from eZee Absolute front-office, then based on Approved or Rejected, an email will be sent to registered guest’s email as a response email.

2) Modify Request/Response email template content

You can modify the email template content as per your requirement for Guest Portal request and response emails.

Note: Template content present in bracket {} cannot be changed. Except that in bracket {}, other content is editable.

Activate/Deactivate option in Travel Agent database and Company database

We have given an option to activate and deactivate Travel Agent and Company Database. If in future you’ve stopped dealing with a specific travel agent or a company, then you can deactivate that particular record from the database. And when the need arises, you can also activate those records.

In eZee Absolute Front office:

Cashiering  -> Travel Agent Database/Company Database

We have provided a “Status” filter in Search option to filter Travel Agent or Company according to their status which can be All, Active and Inactive. For example: If ‘Active’ status is selected, then all Active Travel Agents/Companies will be listed and shown.

We have provided an option to deactivate Travel Agent or a company when a specific Travel Agent/Company is not in use as shown below.

Similarly, we have provided an option to activate Travel Agent/Company for future use as shown below.

In eZee Reservation:

Master -> Travel agent

We have provided an ‘Update Status’ button using which you can deactivate and activate Travel Agent. Refer the screenshot below.

Similarly, you can deactivate Travel Agents by clicking on the ‘Update Status’ button.

Add multiple emails in guest profile

We have added a facility in eZee Absolute, eZee Reservation and eZee Centrix distribution extranet using which you’ll be able to add multiple emails separated using a comma in the Guest Profile.

1. Adding multiple emails

You can add multiple emails separated by commas in the email text box. We’ve provided a notification for the same so that you can add the emails properly.


(a) eZee Absolute

(b) eZee Centrix distribution extranet

(c) eZee Reservation

2. Multiple emails validation

If any wrong email is entered in the email text box, an alert will pop-up to show the list of incorrect emails. If the emails are valid, the system will also show a validation message.


(a) eZee Absolute

3. Managing long and multiple emails with dot (…) character

Often you may need to enter long emails which disturb the layout of the panel. To make the visuals better and easily understood, we’ve managed long and multiple emails with dot (…) character.


(a) eZee Absolute

(b) eZee Centrix distribution extranet

(c) eZee Reservation