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SMS Marketing and Scheduling

We have introduced SMS marketing and scheduling feature.

Now you can schedule to send SMS to your guests along with email.
The SMS can be scheduled for all 3 below types

  • Pre-arrival
  • Post-departure
  • In-house

We have provided this feature in:

eZee Absolute Configuration -> Master -> Marketing -> Email Marketing and Scheduling

This feature will only be visible if the property has SMS integration.
If the SMS integration is ON for particular property,

We have provided SMS scheduling option, while we have added new email template from email marketing and scheduling.

If you enable that setting, then you have to choose an SMS template and SMS provider.

So now, whenever particular email is scheduled then that SMS will also be scheduled and selected SMS template will be sent to the guest mobile number.

Just like email, SMS also can be sent manually. Just select the guest and along with email, the selected SMS template will be sent to guest’s mobile number.

Extra charge as “Apply this charge always”

You’ll now able to set one or more extra charges as “Apply this charge always” from the eZee Absolute configuration and display it automatically in the Walk-in/Reservation -> Inclusion.

Here’s how this works in eZee Absolute.

In eZee Absolute Configuration:
Master -> General -> Extra Charge -> Add/Edit Extra Charge

In Add Extra Charges and Edit Extra Charges form, you’ll find one selection box “Apply this charge always” and two another selection box “Charge applies on” and “Apply above charge on”.

In eZee Absolute Front office:
Stay View -> Walk In/Reservation -> Global Options -> Inclusion

If you set one or more Extra Charges as “Apply this charge always” from eZee Absolute Configuration and try to insert new booking then in Inclusion screen, all Extra Charges which have “Apply this charge Always” setting on will be listed here. And at the time of booking, these extra charges will be applied on the booking directly.

Add extra charges in Group Reservation

Now you’ll be able to add extra charges for all rooms at once in the group reservation.

Currently in eZee Absolute front office, if you take one group reservation and want to post extra charges on that group reservation, there’s just one option for this. That is, you need to post the extra charge one by one in all rooms separately. This process is time consuming.

But now we provide functionality to add Extra Charges for All/Selected Rooms in Group Reservation.

In eZee Absolute Front office:
Group -> Group Reservation -> Edit Group -> Room Information -> “Operation” button

In “Room Information” tab, you find all list of all rooms in that particular group booking. From this list you need to select the room for which you want to post the extra charge and click on “Operation” button.

You’ll find one action “Group Extra Charges“. Once you click on this action, the system will display a form like

Here you’ll find all Extra Charges list which is in your system. You will also be able to add Qty, Discount, Comments etc from here itself.

Night audit reports in email (PDFs) to be language-supported

Previously, when you used to perform Night Audit operation and receive the PDF reports for Night Audit, the labels in those reports were not language specific.

But now we have added a functionality i.e when the language is on custom mode, the labels in the PDF files will be language specific.

1) In eZee Absolute Configuration:

– When you change the default language to custom language, then only that time you’ll be able to change the language of the label captions from Settings -> Others -> Language settings -> Display label

– In this, you need to select Module -> Report and then any Sub module -> like Night Audit and then load the module

– After that, you can change the languages of label caption.

2) In eZee Absolute Front office:

– After you change the label caption language from eZee Absolute configuration, when you perform Night Audit Process, you will get email with Night Audit Reports in PDF/HTML format.

– In that, all the Labels of reports will be changed as per the language selected.

For Example: In Manager Report, see the change in the PDF Label as per language specific i.e Arabic