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Alif Accounting System Integration with Absolute

We have integrated Alif Accounting System with eZee Absolute.

This will generate 2 text files – Revenue File and City ledger Detail File upon Night Audit. Besides, you’ll receive an email for the same.

In eZee Absolute Configuration:

We have introduced one settings window,

Settings -> Others -> Alif Accounting System

Here you can find Email Settings and Shortcodes settings.

Here, 2 text files which are generated on night audit are sent to the mentioned email address as seen in the above screenshot.

You can insert multiple email addresses to send these text files. By default, it will show your email address.

With respect to Alif Accounting System criteria, we introduce shortcodes for room revenues and Adjustments. These shortcodes were
shown in place of revenue code for particular room revenue’s entry in the file. By default we also filled shortcodes for room
revenue and Adjustment, you can change it as per your wish.

We have also introduced shortcodes on Payouts screen which is open for all properties.

Moreover, we have also introduced shortcodes for Room Owner, Company Database, Travel agent Database. However, it will be visible only if this interface is enabled for the property.

Room Owner:

In eZee Absolute Frontoffice:

Company Database:

Travel Agent Database:

Now on Night Audit or auto Night Audit operation, the generated files are sent to mentioned email address automatically.

You can also send files manually for past dates from the Night Audit audit trail screen as shown below.

On click of “Send Files” button, both files will be sent to the respective email addresses provided in the aforementioned setting page in eZee Absolute configuration.

More visuality on guest message for todays guest

Now guest message icon will be visible in the left panel of eZee Absolute Front Office for today’s guests. And on hover of message icon, guest message will be displayed as a tooltip.

If the message exists on booking, you can see below screenshot for reference as to how it looks.

When mouse is hovered on the message indicator icon, then the guest message is displayed on the tool tip as shown in the screenshot below.

Breakdown Taxes From Extras in Group Invoice Template 4

You can now display Extra charges separately like Room Charges in Group Invoice Template 4.

Here’s how this works in eZee Absolute.

In eZee Absolute Configuration:
Settings -> General -> Print and Email Settings

If you select “Template 4” in “Group Invoice Template” then you find new setting “Breakdown Taxes From Extras” below “Group Invoice Template” drop-down.

If “Breakdown Taxes From Extras” setting is ON then Extra Charges will be displayed separately in Group Invoice Template 4. Otherwise only Extra Charges will be displayed without any separation.

This setting is also working for “Group Folio Pro forma Template” if you select “Template 4” in it.

In eZee Absolute Front office:
Group -> Group Reservation -> Edit Group -> Folio

1) Print Group Invoice

If “Breakdown Taxes From Extras” setting is ON from configuration, then Extra Charges will be displayed as below

2) Print Pro Forma

If “Breakdown Taxes From Extras” setting is ON and “Template 4” selected in “Group Folio Pro forma Template” drop-down from configuration, then Extra Charges will be displayed as below

3) Send Invoice (Group)

If “Breakdown Taxes From Extras” setting is ON then in Send Group invoice attachment, Extra charges will be displayed as: