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eZee Reservation 2.0.5

Availability Calendar Widget Add On

Booking engine Widget “Availability calendar” is now having the facility to display room type wise inventory.

There are options added to the configuration panel for this.

Go to eZee Reservation Old Extranet > Widget > Availability Calendar Widget Menu.

There is one more provision added with this. Previously, the widget showed only the Available/Not Available rooms. Now there is one more provision added, in which you can choose if you want to show that there’s no inventory available.

For better understanding, please refer below screenshot

Screenshot #1 : Show Available / Not Available

Screenshot #2 : Show No Of Rooms Available

Booking Engine: Credit Card payment option on billing page

To save your guests’ time while they confirm their bookings by making payment of stay amount, we’ve come up with this new feature called “Instant Payment” for Booking Engine rather than redirecting your guest to a particular Payment Gateway.

You can now give flexibility to your guests to confirm their booking by completing the payment of the booking on the spot.

  1. For this, the payment gateway integrated with your eZee Reservation account must be supported with “Direct API” functionality.
  2. To avail this feature’s benefits and if your Payment Gateway supports this service, enable this feature from eZee New Extranet > Left Panel > Settings > Turn “Direct API” to ON.

For reference please refer below screenshots.

Screenshot #1:

Most of the Payment Gateways who provide this facility allow transactions using Credit Card only. So through this option, your guests can make the payment using Credit Cards depending on the Payment Gateway.

NOTE: Currently we have implemented this feature only in below Payment Gateways.

#1: 3G Direct Pay,
#2: Airpay,
#3: BAC,
#4: Secure Trading, and
#5: Zeamster Booking Engine.

On the billing page, when your guest will select that respective Payment Gateway, it will show “Payment Option next to it. If the guest wants to pay there itself, then he can select “Credit Card” from the drop-down box as shown in below screenshot.

He can select “Other” option, if he wants to complete the transaction using other payment methods like Debit Card, Net Banking, Fund Transfer etc; whichever available at the Payment Gateway end.

Screenshot #2:

If the guest attempts to pay on the billing page using this feature, then a background process will initiate to connect to Payment Gateway’s web server and complete the transaction. If there’s no interruption in between, then the guest will be redirected to the confirmation page.

Similar to that on the billing page, it will be applicable same for Hold Booking and ePayment features.

For ePayment, when the ePayment link needs to be sent from the Booking List, then you need to change few details if required and click on Collect Payment button.

Screenshot# 3:

Once the ePayment link is sent to the guest, your guest will receive it in an email voucher; from which he can proceed for the payment. On this link, they have an option to choose payment method as shown in below-mentioned screenshot depending on Payment Gateway API integrated at booking engine’s end.

Screenshot# 4 – 1:(3G Direct Pay – Both API integrated at BE)

Screenshot# 4 – 2:(BAC – Only Non-Hosted API integrated at BE)

For Hold Bookings, while generating booking through “Add Reservation” option, in “HOLD BOOKING SETTINGS” section; option must be selected to “Online Payment”. Please refer the below screenshots for your reference.

Screenshot #5:

Screenshot #6:


  1. For new eZee Reservation clients, these 4 payment gateways will be enabled automatically and “Direct API” setting will be ON in New Extranet.
  2. For existing clients, respected account manager for the property has to turn “Direct API” setting ON from the New Extranet once the client confirms. 
  3. These 4 payment gateways will not work in THEME1 layout whether “Direct API” option is ON or Not.

Add Payment Option

Often times, you may need to add payments in eZee Reservation, in several scenarios like payment taken by cash, cheque or got confirmation from payment gateway that payment has been taken but it wasn’t reflected in our system due to any technical reason or other cases. On that account, if you’re not using eZee Absolute or if you do not have access to your eZee Absolute account; you’ll be able to add payments from our new extranet system.

Please check following details to know how this works:

  1. Go to eZee New Extranet > Bookings: Click on any booking and you will find Add Payment option on the list.

Please note that this feature is also available on the Dashboard, booking list and the universal search list of eZee New Extranet.

2. Click on Add Payment option and you’ll find a pop-up as below screenshot:

3. Select any Payment Method. Enter any positive amount, and comment if required. There is a 4th option “Send ePayment Voucher to guest”.

This option will be displayed only if you’ve enabled ePayment feature for eZee New Extranet.

If you’re using the ePayment feature and due to any 3rd party, the response does not come because of which the entry is not updated in our system, then you or our support staff can use this option to perform payment entry along with sending ePayment voucher to the guest. If you’re not sending ePayment link and keep this option checked, then there will no restriction here to not send the voucher.

4. After filling up all the required details, click on Save button. Our system will process and update that transaction accordingly.


5. If you have selected  “Send ePayment Voucher to guest” option, then we have inserted Audit log for that option. It will be displayed in Audit Trail block. So In below Audit trail, you can identify that admin user has done a manual entry for this.

Payment Gateway Display as per Booker’s IP/country currencies

Based on your guests’ country, eZee Reservation system will now show auto selected Payment Gateway.

Suppose there are 3 payment gateways integrated with one account: DOKU (supports IDR), Paypal (supports USD) and AirPay (supports INR).

So, if your guest from USA visits your booking engine and goes to billing page to confirm his booking, eZee Reservation will identify the guest’s country using his IP Address and according to that country’s currency, it will automatically select Paypal USD as the payment option on the billing page.

This feature will avoid selecting wrong Payment Gateway option by the guest which leads to Failed/Unsuccessful Booking.

Kindly note that this feature doesn’t work on all the accounts. There are two settings which need to be enabled for this feature to work.

  1. Your booking engine must run on ‘Configured Exchange Rate’ option which is available on eZee Reservation configuration panel.
  2. One other option which can be enabled by eZee only.

Booking Engine: Enhancement in hotel check-in and check-out time

We have introduced a provision for allowing Range of Time for hotel check-in and check-out.

There are many hotels who have a range of check-in and check-out time. We have recently added this facility for those properties.

There are 2 options added here to configuration this:
1. Check-in till time
2. Check-out till time

By default, both the settings are optional. So this won’t affect any existing accounts. If you want to configure your check-in and check-out time in a range, then you can do it this way. Go to eZee Reservation > Settings > Property > Booking Page.

Please find below screenshot for your help.


On Booking Engine Page, it will be displayed as shown in below image.
You can find details on ‘Hotel Info’ link in the header menu.

The same feature has affected the Booking Voucher level too. Below are variables to be used in Template.

{tillcheckintime} – Hotel Till Check in TIme
{tillcheckouttime} – Hotel Till Checkout Time