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eZee Optimus Release

PIN login

Introducing a new feature “PIN Login” where the user can log in into the system with their unique PIN number.

A unique 4 digit PIN number can be configured for all user from the back office.

A user can log in with this PIN without using username and password.

Note: After 3 unsuccessful PIN login attempts in a row, the system will disable PIN login option for that restaurant.

To enable PIN Login, Go to: Back Office -> Settings -> General Settings

Filter reports by session

Now you can filter sales records by Session in Sales Detail and Sales Summary reports. You also get an option to get sales analytics by sessions in Sales By Variable report.

Order list filtering redefined

We have introduced a new way to filter orders by status on Order Summary screen.

Also, added ‘all’ tab for grouping all orders regardless of their status.

Activate/Deactivate Order Types

You can now de-activate and activate the order types your restaurant takes.

Freeze/unfreeze items on-the-go

Now, from item lookup screen, the items can be frozen and unfrozen with a reason.

When ordering a frozen item, the system will intimate user about the reason and ask for confirmation before ordering that item.

Go to: Front Office -> Item Lookup

Sequence number for orders

Introducing a setting to use the sequential numbering system for orders instead of auto-generated order numbers.

Suppress tags having no value in Receipt/KOT

Now, in printing template, a new configuration setting called ‘Suppress when the embedded field has a no value’ is introduced. When configured, the line/information with tags having no value will be hidden from the receipt/KOT when printing the template.

Also, with new tags {outletname} and {ordertype}Outlet Name and Order Type, values can be printed in the template’s header section.

New shift privileges for restaurant manager

Now, your restaurant manager can control all cashier shifts by himself.

A new privilege called ‘Can Manage Shift’ will restrict the cashier whether he/she can start/stop shift for themselves.

The manager can start/end shift and can print shift reports using this module.

Moreover, he can send an alert to the cashier to log out from the system if he/she is logged in.

Go to: Front Office -> Shift Manager

Tax exemption on discount

In the discount configuration, we have introduced an option for whether the tax should be exempted or not when the selected discount is applied.

City ledger payment voucher number

Now, a sequence number for city ledger account payment can be configured.

You can also print the Payment Receipt Voucher from the cashiering screen.

Percent-wise extra charge

Introducing Percent-wise Extra Charge option for Extra Charges.

With this setup, the extra charge will be automatically calculated based on the final ordered item value.

Go to: Back Office -> Master -> Extra Charge