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eZee Optimus Release

Day-close intimation

Now, when the day-close process is initiated, all logged-in users will get an intimation about it, asking them to stop all operations and log-out.

You’ll be able to setup different dine-in rates of the menu items as per the floors in your restaurant.

Reason for order cancellation

The system will now ask for a reason when canceling any order at any time, to ensure the authenticity of the cancellation.

Often times, your staff may be canceling orders in the system. You may or may not know the reason behind it, making it difficult for you to track them.

This setting will be able to control such operations. The system will ask a reason for cancellation and record it. Further, based on the audit logs, you’ll be able to keep an eye on any stealings or wastage.

Go To: Back Office -> Master -> Outlet

Choice for modifier/toppings

With this enhancement, your staff will be able to add more specific information on modifiers and toppings for kitchen base as per the guest’s choice.

Go To: Back Office -> Menu -> Modifier Group

On the ordering screen.

Manager/Supervisor password

This is to facilitate proper auditing and a secure process for managers and supervisors to perform operations on behalf of users.

But naturally, you can’t give an access to perform void operations or give discounts to every user because of the security aspect. However, they may need to be performed daily. But these operations are required to perform by users in day to day operation.

So, with this feature, the manager/supervisor will be able to process these operations on users’ behalf, without actually logging in to the system. They can use their exclusive privileges to perform these operations safely.

Surcharge on settlement

The system will now automatically apply surcharge depending on the orders, during settlement.

Often, you may need to process an additional charge at the time of settlement. It may be a credit card processing charge or bank/3rd party charges.

The configured charge will be automatically applied to all orders with this feature when settling.

Go To: Back Office > Master > Payment

At the time of settlement, the system asks for confirmation.

Guest information on settlement

Your cashiers can fill in guest information from the settlement screen itself in Takeaway operation mode.

Previously this option was only available at the order start screen and the ordering screen.

Auto log off for Multi-user mode

We have added one more functionality to perform smooth operations in case of the shared terminals.

With this option, your waiters can use a shared machine to take orders. Once they login into the system, the system redirects to their preferred operation screen like Dine-In, Take-Away or Room-Service.  Once they complete the order operation, the system will log off automatically.

Go To: Back Office -> Settings -> User