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eZee Optimus Release

No charge credit limit in Optimus App

Introducing the no-charge credit limit for no-charge accounts.

There are four different types of the credit limit for the no-charge account which are as follow:-
1. No Limit: As the name suggests there is no restriction for posting the order amount for this credit limit.

2. Daily: In this type, the credit limit will be applied to the no-charge account daily. once the limit gets exhausted for the day then the user won’t be able to post order amount on that no-charge account.

3. Monthly: This limit type works the same as the “daily” limit but the limit range for a month.

4. On Order: In this type, the credit limit will be applied to the no-charge account on every order.

If any user wants to post an order above the set credit limit then it can be handled by using the privilege “Can override the no-charge credit limit“.
Also, the admin user can post more than the set credit limit.

To set credit limit type Goto: Back Office > Master > No Charge Account

The no-charge credit limit type is only for the Optimus app.
The daily and monthly credit limit type will only work for online mode.
And the no limit and on order type credit limit will work in both online and offline mode.

Delivery Manager in Optimus App

The delivery manager screen is now available in the latest version of the Optimus Tablet and Desktop based app with a brand new UI to manage the call and online delivery orders efficiently.

Now the users will be able to receive push notifications for online orders in the system notification centre.

Image1: Start new call order – Search existing guest or add new

Image2: Guest Detail

Image3: Running orders

Image4: All orders and order actions