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eZee Optimus Release

Major Enhancements in Kitchen Order Printing

Major Enhancements in Kitchen Order Printing
We have released 3 new features for Kitchen order printing which are as follows.

1. Order-type wise kitchen order ticket (KOT) printing
Previously there was no option available to configuration order-type wise KOT template mapping. With this new option, the user can set the different styles of KOT printing template for different ordering mode which helps Kitchen to easily identify order mode. Also, skip KOT printing for specific order types while keeping this setting blank.

This setting is available in the Terminal Module, where all printing-related settings are provided. Refer a Screenshot.

2. Captain Print

Optimus provides an option to configure different Kitchen Printer for different types of Items. Now, in addition, the captain printer helps to print another copy of KOT on another printer for garnishing, packaging, etc. section.

In order to configure this printer …
1) Add Virtual device with type Captain Printer

2) Set Captain Printer on the required menu item.

3) Map Virtual Captain Printer Device with Physical Printer in the Terminal settings.
4) Configure the order type-wise printing template.

Just like a normal KOT reprint, Captain KOT reprint option is available on Order Summary’s Reprint KOT operation.

3. Checkers KOT

KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) is providing Order information to Kitchen staff via printer based on the configuration of kitchen printers.
But sometimes Captain or Server needs a copy of all order items in a single page to verify or tally order items and mark which are delivered. Checker KOT options help to fulfill these requirements. Also, there are various settings for the checker KOT template which can be configured according to the requirement.

Checker KOT print all order items together on a single page instead of printing separate KOT of all items.

The following are the steps to configure the Checkers Printer.
1) Add Virtual device with type Checkers Printer
2) Configure Printing Template
3) Map Virtual Checkers Printing Device with Physical Printer in the Terminal settings.
4) Configure the order type-wise printing template. keep blank this setting if no need to print Checkers KOT for specific order type.

Introduced new tags to customise receipt template

Added 3 new tags in the detail footer section to show more information on receipt/bill. Based on restaurant requirements these tags (totalItemDiscount} and {totalOrderDiscount} helps to show separate “Item Level Discount” and “Order Level Discount” in the receipt and “Discounted Bill Amount” {discountedBillAmount} tag shows total of discounted bases value of ordered items.

Refer below Screenshot.

Vendor Information in Goods Receipt Note Detail Report

The goods receipt note detail report provides all the information about the purchased item.
Now we have added one more information “Vendor Name” to get vendor information on the report.
This information is available in the custom report which can be designed and arranged according to the requirement.
For this additional information, we have also provided filter on the report for the vendor selection.

Go to: Front Office > Reports > Inventory Report > Goods Receipt Note Detail.