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eZee Optimus Release

Now Access Reports, Back Office and Inventory Module from Optimus App

First of all, users of eZee Optimus’ latest desktop and mobile application  have to log in to the web version of eZee Optimus in order to

  • Change the configuration
  • View reports
  • Perform inventory operations

Currently, we’re working on implementing all the above-mentioned functionalities (except back office) in our new application itself. So, as a temporary solution to this challenge, we have provided links to access the above-mentioned modules in the web version of our application.

Now, users don’t have to manually open and log in to the web version of Optimus. They can open the modules on-the-go.  

From windows version of the application, Android and iOS app, users can access back-office, reports and inventory.

New theme in Optimus web version

We have released a new theme for the web version of Optimus to match with the theme of our latest desktop and mobile application.

Image 1: This is how the Front Office with new theme looks like.

Image 2: This is how the Back Office with the new theme looks like.

New tags for Receipt and Guest Check

Introducing 3 new receipt tags for quick bill generation. They are:

  • {receipt_print_counter}: To print the total number of time receipt print, you can use this tag {receipt_print_counter} in the FOOTER Section.
  • {guestcheck_print_counter}: To print the total count of the guest check being printed, you can use this tag {guestcheck_print_counter} in the FOOTER Section.
  • {noOfCopies}: To print the total number of receipts or guest check copies, you can use this tag {noOfCopies} in the FOOTER Section.

This new receipt tags will only work with the Optimus 2.0 desktop and mobile application.

Below are the steps to configure the newly added tag in receipt template

Goto: Back End > Setting > Printing Template