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eZee Optimus Release

Introducing Category-specific Discount

Category discounts allow a cashier to organize bulk discounts at the category level. This setting allows a percentage or a flat discount for products in one or multiple categories.

This setting will automatically give a discount on the applied item and make the cashier operation fast and accurate.

Go to: Back Office > Master > Discount

Now Sales Detail Report by Order Type

Go to: Front Office > Report Section > Sales Detail Report.
Users can filter sales detail report order type or create a custom report.

Introducing Last Decimal Measurement Unit For Stock Reports

Introducing the last decimal measurement unit to show stock on hand based on the user’s unit configuration.

Configure digit after decimal from Back Office > Inventory > Unit

It will reflect in stock in all-stock reports.
Go to: Front Office > Reports > Stock Report Section

Introducing Auto Extra Charge in No Charge Order Type

Now you can add an auto extra charge for no charge order type.
Go to: Back Office > Master > Outlet

The auto extra charge is shown when taking no charge order.

New Tags For Receipt And Guest Check

New tags for receipt and guest check – released
Introducing {paymentamtwithcurrency} tag in “Payment Detail” section {taxdetail} tag in “Item Detail” section on receipt.

{paymentamtwithcurrency} – It displays the payment amount with currency.
{taxdetail} – It display the tax detail apply on item level.

Introducing New Cost Calculation Preference For Stock Ledger And Closing Stock Report

Transaction Rate:
The stock value is calculated based on the price entered when performing a transaction or the price which is configured as the menu item BOM in the menu item recipe.

Configured Purchase Rate:
The stock value is calculated based on the particular item’s configured rate in that outlet’s cost and stock.

Last Purchase Rate:
The stock value is calculated based on the last purchase rate of a particular item at the respective outlet.