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eZee Optimus Release

How to set up a Bluetooth Printer?

You can print receipts and orders using a Bluetooth printer connected to your smartphone or tablet.
Currently, Bluetooth print is only supported on Android devices.

Test and Find Bluetooth Printer information
To check supported Bluetooth printer in the eZee RapidServe ordering app follows the below steps.

Paring printer in android
1. Turn on your Bluetooth printer.
2. Open the Settings in the android device on your smartphone or tablet.
3. Click on Bluetooth
4. Turn ON the Bluetooth
5. Click on the name of your Bluetooth printer to start the Pairing

Printer Testing
1. Install The eZee Bluetooth Printer Testing App.
2. Open App and press the Refresh List option. It will display all paired devices.
3. Click on “Connect Bluetooth Device” to establish a successful connection.
4. Add Your Message and hit the “Send Data Via Bluetooth” Or You can “Print Receipt”.

Find MAC address of printer
In respective to configure the Bluetooth printer in a RapidSever app, it needs a MAC address of a Bluetooth device. It can be found from the device test print. You can also find it from the eZee Bluetooth Printer Testing App. in App device name is listing with MAC address.

For e.g.

In this e.g. 00:01:90:85:07:AA is Mac Address for TM-P20_013820 Bluetooth Printer.

Goto Back office > Terminal > Add Terminal.
1. Provide a name for the Terminal, Click on + icon to add a device
2. Select “Bluetooth” in connection type and enter the required details for the printer.

3. Enter Device name to identify the printer device.
4. Enter the MAC address of Bluetooth printing in the MAC address field.
5. No of character in a line, present how many characters will adjust in the paper width. It depends on printer eg. for 3in paper, it’s maybe 40 characters.
6. Save all settings

To reflect these changes in RapidServer, logout from the application and re-login. Perform printing operations.

Note: This Bluetooth printing will not work in the web version.

Introducing Room Service in Rapid Serve

Now the user will be able to take room service order from the rapid serve.
Room service has the following features:
1. Property selection
2. Advanced searching and sorting of the room list
3. Posting the charges of the guest to the room charges

Android: RapidServe on Google Play Store
IOS: Coming Soon

Introducing Change Rate Plan in Rapid serve

Now the user will be able to change the rate plans for the following order types:
1. Dine-In
2. Take Away
3. Room Service

Custom Language Applied on Reports Name

For language labels configuration, Back Office -> Settings -> Language-> select REPORT option from the drop-down and set custom label name and save labels.

To see the language-related changes on the front side, Go to: Front Office > Reports

Introducing Purchase Order Vendor Email Template Setting

Now, a user can configure the purchase order template along with an email subject and body of the message. This will be used when the user wants to send an email to the vendor after generating a purchase order.

From the below screens, all configuration will be configured for purchase order email.

Go to: Back Office > Settings > Email/SMS template

Go to: Back Office > master > Outlet

Now, you’ll be able to see the menu item sale summary report for all outlets.
Go to: Front Office > Report > Menu item sales summary report

Now, a user can add the alternate name of the menu group and menu subgroup from the configuration panel.
Go to: Back Office > Menu > Menu Group

To see the alternate name related changes on the front side, Go to Front Office > Ordering Screen

Cashier Shift Report

Introducing discount summary, business source summary, outlet wise summary, and order type summary section on cashier shift report.