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eZee Optimus Release

Introduce Decimal Quanity

Selling item by weight (Quantity in decimal) :

In the retail business, it is important to have the functionality in quantity calculation from the price. For example; the rate of 1-liter milk is 60 Rs, now the customer wants to buy milk of 100 Rs.

So according to the price quantity, it would be 1.6 liters OR customer may opt to have 1.5 liters of milk.

For such type of operations, we have introduced enhancements to the items, which will allow the POS user to enter a quantity in decimal or calculate quantity from the price.

To do this, the user has to config items as sold by weight options.

Steps to configure item:

Goto Back Office > Menu > Item
1. Add/Edit Item
2. Enable ask quantity and sold by weight
3. Save the changes

By following the above steps mentioned in the picture, the item is configured to order in decimal quantity.

While ordering item, you will see the below screen to opt quantity or price based on your choice.

You can switch between quantity or price by clicking on the respective block.

After entering price or quantity based on an item’s configuration, the item will be shown in the list.

Price Conversion on Unit Change

We’re introducing a price conversion facility on the unit change in inventory transaction. Previously, as per the requirement, a store manager had to manually calculate a price for the available item’s unit. Now, the system will automatically convert entered price from one unit to another unit as per the item’s unit configuration. This feature is available in all inventory transaction.

Cashier Sales Report in Custom Language

We’ve introduced the custom language in cashier sales reports for the user to see report in different languages.

Go to: Back Office > Settings > Language

Go to: Back Office > Settings > User

Go to: Front Office > Reports > Cashier Sales Report

Spanish Language Receipt

RapidServe : Introducing Dashboard

For the manager, it is essential to keep an eye on sales and revenue which is a time-consuming task. They need to go through each of the reports to compare sales and revenue.

For making this whole process quick and easy, we have introduced a dashboard in RapidServe.

This dashboard is categorized into 3 section

1. Overview
The overview section displays the sales details which contain:
Sales summary
Hourly sales
Outlet sales
Weekly sales

2. Statistics
The statistics section displays all the information regarding the orders which contains:
Order type Summary
Online order Summary
Top selling item

3. Revenue
The revenue section displays all the information regarding the revenue which contains:
Weekly revenue
Monthly revenue
Yearly revenue