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eZee Optimus Release

We have added one more column “Ordered Time” in Menu Item Sales Detail report to track the taken in preparing an order.

Detailed Shift Report

Now, the cashier at your property will be able to check his shift’s Pay-In, Pay-Out, and Safe-Drop transaction details in Shift Report.

‘Print Detail’ option is available at eZee Optimus Frontend -> Shift Managment Screen.

Consolidated Reports for Sales/Revenue

We have provided an option to select multiple outlets on various reports. You’ll also be able to get consolidated data on report for selected outlets.

This option is available in Menu Item Sales Summary, Sales Summary, Payment Summary, Tax Collection report.

Audit Trail Log in Back-Office

Investigating configuration modifications information is now available in eZee Optimus back-office. In this information, you can check who created a particular entry and when it’s modified.

Thus, you can easily communicate with your team about the modifications.

Click on “Link Icon” on any master screen to get this information.

Enhanced Modifier Settings

We’ve introduced a new setting for modifier called “force modifier”. This setting gives flexibility to a user for modifier selection.

Many items may have on-demand modifier or add-ons. In other words, modifiers are not always mandatory. With this setting, you can configure such menu items like Icecream, which may or may not have some add-ons, which a waiter can select as per customer’s demand.

‘Force Modifier’ setting prompts a user to choose a modifier at the time of ordering an Item. Or, a waiter can apply it later from item modification.

Go to: eZee Optimus Back Office -> Item -> Add/Edit -> Add/Edit Modifier

Discount Visibility Settings

You can now make a discount visible as per the various visibility settings available in eZee Optimus.

This setting provides authority to a cashier to offer the right discount at the right time.

Go to: eZee Optimus Back Office > Master > Discount

Happy Hours and Seasonal Rates

We’ve added the most awaiting feature “Session Rates” in eZee Optimus. Using this, you’ll be able to set seasons or happy hours session without making any changes in the current menu. Base on a setting, eZee Optimus will apply the configured rate when an item is ordered.

Configure Session

Go to: eZee Optimus Back Office -> Menu -> Session,  to add a new session. Here different options are available to define a session.

Name: Name of the session for identification.

Outlet: Select outlet in which you want to use this session.

Start date/End date: Choose date if you want the session to be in effect on a particular date range, otherwise leave it blank.

Active Time: Time settings when you want to start this session. Keep 00:00-23:59 if it’s a full day session.

Inactive days: To disable the session on a particular day.

Rates Mapping to Session

Go to: eZee Optimus Back Office -> Master -> Outlet -> Price Settings. These setting give an option to a select order type wise rate for a particular session.

Floor Arrangement

You can now change the display order of the floors at your restaurant in eZee Optimus.

Go to: eZee Optimus Back Office -> Menu -> Table Management -> Floor

Set default payment methods

We have added a facility to configure default payment method for different ordering modes.

Go To: eZee Optimus Back Office -> Outlet -> Order Type Settings

Seek Item By Item Code/SKU

This feature provides a flexibility to find an item by Item Code/SKU on the ordering screen.

Item Group

This option facilitates to group same nature items in one. Eg. When bar items are configured with different portions like Vodka 30ml, Vodka 60ml, and such likes, to record proper sales.

With the group item feature, all the items will be displayed as a single item in the ordering screen and at that time, you can choose a specific item from configured items.

  1. Create Item Group from eZee Optimus Back Office -> Menu -> Item Group
  2. Add Item Group in Menu from Back Office -> Menu Management -> Menu Configuration
  3. Select particular Menu Group and Menu Subgroup by clicking it, then select Item Group from Add Item option.
  4. Click Item Group to add an item to a particular group.
  5. At the time of ordering, you will be prompted to choose an item.

Network Printer

Now, eZee Optimus is integrated with Ethernet Thermal Printer, meaning that you can print directly from any device without installing any driver or application. eZee Optimus can work with any Ethernet or WiFi printer which are compatible with ESC/POS command.

Configure Printer

Open Terminal Device Mapping from:

eZee Optimus Back Office -> Settings -> Terminal -> Device Mapping

Choose Connection Type – Ethernet from the drop-down list and configure network printer IP Address and Port number (Check printer manual to get/configure IP address and Port).