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eZee Optimus Release

Introducing Two New Tags For a Receipt

First Tag – Consolidate modifiers amount with the item (tax exclusive)
This tag is used to display the final amount of an item combined with modifiers.
Here is how the user can map this tag ({AmountWithModifiers}) on the receipt.

Go to Configuration Panel > Settings > Printing Template

Provide Multiple Delete Option on Cost & Stock Module

Now added a new option in the “Cost & Stock” module to delete multiple items for a selected outlet.

Go to: Back Office > Inventory > Cost & Stock

Introducing Send Purchase Order Voucher Via Email

Now, a user who has the privilege to approve purchase order can send the purchase order voucher to the vendor on an email and the vendor can see the attached purchase order via email.

Below is the screen from where you can send an email to the vendor.

Introducing HSN Code on Report and Printing Template

HSN/SAC code is applicable in India after the implementation of GST and is used for taxation purposes in identifying the rate of tax applicable to a product or service in a country.

We have introducing HSN code on custom reports and printing templates.

– Menu item sales detail
– Menu item sales summary
– Purchase order Detail
– Physical stock detail
– Stock adjustment detail
– Manufacturing detail
– Stock transfer detail
– Goods receipt note detail
– Indent detail

We have also introducing HSN Code for the following printing voucher templates:

– Purchase order
– Physical stock
– Stock adjustment
– Manufacturing
– Stock transfer
– Goods receipt note
– Indent
– Market list

Introducing extra charge level HSN/SAC code tag on the receipt

This tag is used to display the HSN or SAC code of extra charge.
Here is how the user can map this tag ({hsncode}) on receipt.

Go to Back Office > Settings > Printing Template