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eZee Optimus Release

Organize Modifier Group Sorting

Previously, the sorting operation was only available in Menu Management to organize menu group, menu subgroup, and items. Now, added sorting option in Item Operation too which helps to configure a sequence of Modifier groups. This option extends a smooth and comfortable operation for a waiter.

Introducing Tax Analysis Report

Introducing a Tax Analysis Report in eZee Optimus by which manager can get the details of taxable sales and tax amount bifurcated by taxes.
Along with it, a report has provision to prepare data with receipt-wise, date-wise, month-wise for single or multiple outlets.
Below is the configuration by which the user can map tax with tax analysis report along with tax caption.

Go to Configuration Panel > Settings > Setting > Tax Settings.

To see the report at front side,
Go to the Front office > Reports > Back Office Report > Tax Analysis

Receipt Wise –

Date Wise –

Month Wise –

Introducing Display Last Purchase Rate In All Inventory Modules

We have displayed the last purchase rate on all inventory modules on creating vouchers and along with it, the last purchase rate will be displayed while printing an indent. By this information, a user can get the last purchase rate of the item when issue indent.

Update Last Purchase Rate on Receiving Stock & GRN

Also, We have updated the last purchase rate based on setting, When a user creates a stock transfer voucher and if the setting will be on then on receiving the stock process the last purchase rate will be updated.

Introducing No Charge Reports

Introducing various no charge reports in eZee Optimus. Now user can have a look into reports quickly. Through the reports, the user will get outlet-wise no charge sales detail, a summary view of order-level data as well as item sales detail and item summary data for a particular date or month. We have also provided different filtration with it like a menu item, category, etc.

The following are no-charge reports.
1. No Charge Menu Item Sales Detail Report
2. No Charge Menu Item Sales Summary Report
3. No Charge Sales Detail Report
4. No Charge Sales Summary Report

To set the report privilege, Go to Configuration Panel > Settings > User

To see the reports at front side, Go to the Front office > Reports > No Charge Report

Rapid Serve – Cashier Sales Details Report

Introducing cashier sales details report in RapidServe mobile application.

Now cashier can have a quick glance of their sales details in the RapidServe mobile app. Previously, the user needed to login into eZee Optimus system to check this report. However, because of this update, it will be easier for the user to check this report on a daily basis. He will also be able to print the report directly from the app also.

Printing Option in Cashier Sales Details Report

From now the cashier will be able to directly print the cashier sales details report from the eZee Optimus.

Now the user will be able to search the order on the basis of the:
Order Number
Reference Number
Receipt Number
Guest Name
Table Name
By implementing this, the user will be able to search more faster from the long list of orders.

Rapid Serve – Order Sequence Number

Why do we need a new sequence number for RapidServe?
Previously, we had a sequence number like this.

From the current sequence number, the user could not clearly understand the order sequence.
Therefore, we have added a new simplified order sequence number for taking orders from the RapidServe application.

By implementing this new order sequence number, the user will understand the order sequence more clearly.
This order sequence number will be different for each device. So, it will be easy for the user to track the devices from which the order has been taken.

Introducing WAY2SMS Interface Settings

Select ‘Way2SMS’ Provider from SMS Provider dropdown and fill the required fields ‘Password’ and ‘API Key’ which is provided by SMS provider and for ‘Sender ID’, you have to create sender Id from Way2SMS admin panel and its length must be 6 characters.

Go to back office -> Settings tab -> Email/SMS Providers

Introducing Predefined Preparation Remark

Preparation remark is used to mention a guest food preference for kitchen. Like, less spice, cook well, make crispy, no garlic, etc. ​

​Previously waiter has to write the remark manually. Now, added an option to make a list of most common preparation remark in the configuration. So at the time of order, a waiter can choose those pre-defined remarks. A waiter can choose multiple pre-defined remarks or write it manually. ​

​Goto: Back Office > Master > Reason​

Goto: Front Office > Ordering Screen > Preparation Remark​