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eZee Optimus Release

Issue Requested Items: Indent to Issue Operation

Provided an option to direct issue authorized indented items from “Received Indent” screen. This option provides a facility to modify quantity and rate on the “Stock Transfer” module before processing it.

Go to: Front Office > Inventory Section > Indent (Received Indent)

Cost & Stock : Activate Multiple Items

Now added a new option in the “Cost & Stock” module to activate multiple items for a selected outlet.

Go to: Back Office > Inventory > Cost & Stock

In below screen, you can find those items which are not activated for the selected outlet and you can choose multiple items to active in the outlet.

With the export-import option, you can configure rate, tax, etc easily.

New Filter for Stock Reports.

Introducing the “Ignore Zero Stock” filter in the stock reports. Using this filter, a user can escape those items from the report which have zero value in the stock on-hand.

Also added “Select All” option for choosing all category in one click.

Go to: Front Office > Reports > Stock Report

Stock On-Hand Information: Indent & Issue Voucher

Introducing the stock on-hand details of selected items in the “Indent and Stock Transfer” module. It helps to decide a quantity for requisition.

At the time of creating indent and while issuing the item, (Stock Transfer) it will give a clear idea to the user about their current stock during this operation.

For that Go To: Front Office > Inventory Section > Indent

Customize Inventory Reports

Activate an option for report customized in “Inventory Reports”, which gives an option to choose and add additional information in reports when required.


  • Purchase Order Register
  • Purchase Order Detail
  • Manufacturing Detail
  • Stock Transfer Detail
  • Goods Receipt Note Register
  • Goods Receipt Note Detail

Back Dated Transaction: Purchase Order and Goods Receipt Note

Many times user left out to record an inventory transaction. Now, the user can enter “Purchase order” and “Goods Receipt Note” transaction for a past date to correct their entries.

Report: Indent Detail

Introducing a new report “Indent Detail Report” to get details of indent voucher with status for a particular date range.

Report Privilege: Configuration Panel > Settings > User

Report: Front Office > Reports > Inventory Report > Indent Detail

Item Count: New Tag For Receipt

As the “Item Count” is configured, this tag can show a count of the total ordered item on receipt or guest check.

Go to: Configuration Panel > Settings > Printing Template