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eZee Optimus Release

Fiscal Print

Now Optimus is integrated with a fiscal printer.

Introducing: No-Charge Ordering Mode

Introducing the “No-Charge” ordering mode in eZee Optimus. This ordering mode helps the restaurant to record non-chargeable transitions which affect inventory consumption. Like served to the owner, employee or special guest.

This mode can be controlled by the privilege for specific users.

Cashier Shift Report

Previously there was no option to re-print Cashier Shift Report for the Closed Shift. So, Shift Manager or Cashier was not able to fetch past date shift data when required.

Now provided an option “Cashier Shift Report” in reports section to reprint single or multiple users shift report for a particular date. Also, base on privilege only authorized user can fetch these reports.

Report Privilege: Back Office > Settings > User

Report: Front Office > Reports > Sales Report > Cashier Shift Report

Control different PMS property with outlet configuration

With this new setting in the outlet, User can take room service order on particulate PMS property only when multiple PMS Account are mapped in the system.

You can configure this setting from below panel
Go to : Configuration Panel > Master > Outlet

After that Go to Front Office > Room Service
here you can see the PMS property based on configuration.

Added Void Reason Tag on KOT

Below is the configuration from where user can add void reason tag for KOT.

Remark Field : Physical Stock And Stock Adjustment Report

Introducing custom Report For physical stock and stock adjustment report.

A New Facility to Take Void Reason Upon Doing Void Operation in Inventory Module.

This facility will help hotelier keep track of all the void reasons and if they want to audit the reasons, they can easily find out.

“Mark As Completed” Option in Purchase Order

Now a user has an option to manually complete an order. Previously there is no option to close those purchase order which is partially proceeded and a vendor was not going to issue more items which are recorded in a purchase order voucher. This option will be available only on Approved Purchase Order.

A user can complete only approved order and we have also added undo complete option for the PO that marked as complete.