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eZee Optimus Release

Tax Summary Option on Cashier Sales Report

We have enhanced the new option tax summary on the cashier sales report.

Displaying Additional Information in Outlet Module

Now the system will display the “Front Operation Type” and “Menu Name” in the outlet listing page. The user will be able to search on the basis of the outlet name, front operation type, and menu name.

eO Login is Now Smart Than Ever

Previously, as the eO is having multiple login modes, the user had to select the mode on every login, especially in the case of Swipe Card Login.

But now, the system will identify and select the last login mode by default.

Hence, removing the headache of selecting preferred login mode every time and also, giving a much better UX.

Add Outlet Column In Custom Report

Added Outlet column in Menu Item Sales Summary, Sales Summary, Tax Collection, and Payment Summary Report which has the option to fetch data for multiple outlets. Previously, the system used to display the consolidates data for a selected outlet only. Now, with this feature, you can generate data for multiple outlets.

Not only that, but you can also bifurcate it in outlet wise.

Additional tag on PO and GRN Invoice Template

We have enhanced new additional tag in “Purchase Order” And “Good Receipt Note Invoice Template” Please check below the image it’s showing additional tag and with example.

Additional Tag List:-
{InvoiceNo}, {Discount}, {Tax}, {Adjustment}, {BaseAmount}, {TotalTax}, {TotalAdjustment}, {TotalDiscount}, {GrandTotal}

Auto Log Off For Multiple Order Modes

We have introduced customization in Auto LogOff functionality. From now, if Auto LogOff is ON for a user and default operation selected as “ALL” – then the system will allow him/her to use Dine In, Take Away and Room Service operations in a single login instead of binding him/her to a single operation.

Logout after the operation is performed will work the same before.

Outlet Name on Alphabetical Order Throughout the System

Reg No Tag on Receipt and KOT

We can enter outlet wise GSTIN number, in the receipt, and KOT level. See the Reg No tag on Printing Template.

Introduce Tab Switching On validation for Outlet

In the outlet module, auto tab switching according to the validation.
This feature will highlight the tab and directly take the user to the validated field in that tab.