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eZee Optimus Release

Quick Pay

Introduced a new quick pay feature to settle the order quickly.

Quick pay is only used for Dine In and Take away Order Type.

For that, there is a configuration in the Outlet Module, to configure the default payment type.

Go to: Configuration Panel -> Outlet -> Order Type Setting -> Default Order Type

Now in Dine In or Take away, take the order and settle the order using quick payment.
Go to: Front Office -> Dine In Or Take Away

Receive Purchase Order

This feature will allow users to receive the Purchase Order they had made for a vendor and create a Goods Receipt Note(GRN).

Users can also receive the ordered items partially as and when arrived. The system will keep track of the received items for that PO, so that – when the items will be received the next time, a user will be able to see the history.

Once all the items are received, the PO can be marked completed and no further action on that PO will be allowed.

Receiving the PO requires to pass the following criteria:

  1. The user should be able to access the GRN module.

2.  If the approval process is active for the PO, then the PO must be Approved before receiving.

For e.g. Suppose your PO looks like following,

Go to: Front Office > Inventory Section > Purchase Order

If you order 15kg of a particular Item and receives only 10kg than whenever you will receive 5 kg, it will show you in the Recieve History.

Then select the item for Goods Receipt Note and mark as completed to Complete the voucher.

And you will receive the stock.

Inventory : Market List Module

Market List is used in creating a list before purchasing any Item.

In the Market list, you can make a list of different items from a different Vendor.
You can add a particular item from the same or different vendor.

If you want to add a voucher and want to modify it in the future than just hit the save button.

You can create a Market List of a present or future date. However, you cannot generate a list of a past date.

To generate Next Receipt Number,  Go to Configuration Panel -> Master -> Outlet -> Numbering

In the market list, you can duplicate the list.

It will show the same item details as the existing item details

Also, you can print the Market List.

For that, configure it from the Configuration Panel -> Inventory -> Voucher Template

Also, you can configure it.

Now configure the Market List printing template on the outlet.

For that, go to Configuration Panel -> Outlet -> Printing Template

Now Print the Market list:

If you want to purchase your list, then hit the purchase button, it will generate the purchase order voucher.

But if you will directly save your list, then it will not generate a purchase order voucher.

If you want to add the list today and want to purchase it on some other day, just select the date in which you want to purchase and save it.

Suppose, you created a list of items and have set a date of after 20 days, but you purchased the items today. Then, it will consider the purchase order of today’s date and not the future date.

In the market list also, it will allow adding a particular item multiple times from the same or different vendor.

To purchase, if you are selecting a different vendor to generate different purchase voucher, then the vendor name is mandatory.

For purchase list, Go to Front Office -> Inventory Section -> Market List

Once you purchase the list, you cannot modify anything.

To see that voucher go to Front Office -> Inventory Section -> Purchase Order

It will show the same records as a Market List.

Market List detail report shows all list based on your outlet or Item Filter.

Go to: Front Office -> Reports -> Market List Detail

And the report will look like :

Item Name on Discount Detail Report

Introduced “Custom Field” for an “Item Name” in a “Discount Detail Report”.

Outlet and Terminal Selection

Login time – if a single terminal and single outlet are present in the system, then the user can directly Login. The system will not ask for the outlet and terminal selection.

Now, Waiter Assignment is Privilege Base

Set waiter on User Module to set default waiter on All Order Type.

Go to: Configuration Panel > Settings > User

If the User has Change Waiter On Order privilege, only then another user can change the waiter from guest information.

Go to: Front Office > Dine In > Click On Table

 If the current status of the order of one table is as – running, then for other users, it must have a can take orders on occupied table privilege to take new order.

Introduce Currency Note Denomination

The denomination is a proper description of a currency amount, usually for coins or banknotes.

Denominations may also be used with other means of payment like gift cards. For example, five euros is the denomination of five euro notes.

Currency – Banknotes in India are currently being issued in the denomination of Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 500 and Rs 2000. Also, we manage currency wise note denomination calculation in shifts.

User can select only three currency note and this three active currency note is showing on settlement screen + currency Note. Also, currency notes showing in cashier shift report currency wisely.

Go to : Back Office > Master > Currency

Go to: Front Office > Settlement Screen

Go to: Front Office > Shift Management

“Guest Name” And “Room No Display” on Receipt

While taking the order, if you don’t fill the guest name and settle the order from posting, then post “Guest Name” and “Room No Display” on Receipt.

And if you fill the “Guest Name” from the guest information, then the system will display the “Guest Name” from the guest information section.