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eZee Optimus Release

Detailed Audit Trail for Tax Group and Settings

This time, we have implemented an option to trace modification of tax group and settings.

Go to: eZee Optimus Back Office -> Master -> Tax Group -> Audit Trail

Go to: eZee Optimus Back Office -> Settings -> Display Setting -> Audit Log

Reset Receipt Number

Sometimes F&B businesses may need to reset receipt sequence number. With this option, you can reset receipt number as per your need.

Go To: eZee Optimus Back Office -> Master -> Outlet -> Next Receipt Number

Open Item

Seldom, your customer may ask you for an item which is not available in your menu. This new feature of “Open Item” provides you a facility to ask for Item Name at the time of order or modify it later. This modified name will be displayed in Order Screen, receipt and kitchen order ticket (KOT) only.

Daily Flash Report

We have added a new report named “Daily Flash” in Statistical Report section. This report provides an eagle view of day to day operations, which helps you get analytical information.

Bulk Order Settlement

During rush hours or maybe some other reason, the cashier may need to leave orders in the running mode. To settle those orders, we have added a functionality in Order Summary to settle multiple orders at a time.

Day Close

Introducing a new feature of “Day Close”, to audit and freeze order transactions for a particular day and get summarized and in-depth audited data. We have also added privileges to restrict users to modify past-day transactions.

Shift Management

Introducing new feature of “Shift Management”, to manage cashier operations.

Table Arrangement

Previously table order sequence was based on table name only. Now, you can arrange a sequence which is easy to operate as per your convenience.

Go to: eZee Optimus Back Office -> Menu ->Table Management 

Select Outlet -> Floor in Table Management

Identify Room Number in Order Summary

To easily identify Room Orders, we have added room number information in Order Summary List for Room Service Orders.

Additional information in Room Service

We have now included “Room Type” and “Rate Type” information in Room Service Order type, which helps a user take a glance at the room details before posting charges to the folio.