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eZee FrontDesk Release Note

Accurate Inclusive Tax Rates Pushed from eZee FD PMS to eZee Centrix

When pushing the rates inclusive from PMS, the system was taking the pushed rates as Base Rates and on which it was applying tax from eZee Centrix. As a result, the rate value was showing, which is wrong.

We find out the cause, which is taken care of and fixed in this Service Pack.

Extra charge missing in WRD

Extra charge went missing when user performed below steps:

1. eZee Front Desk Configuration -> No Mapping done for extra charges in list and selected only default extra charge tab.
2. User takes one booking with extra charge which is defined on eZee Reservation.
3. Download that booking in eZee FrontDesk manually or using WRD.
4. When you edit booking, no extra charge is displayed in software with booking.

We identified issue in booking download process and fixed it.

Printer Selection for Cashier Report

You’ll now be able to print the Cashier Report.

We have kept terminal-wise printer selection.

Go to: eZee FrontDesk Configuration -> General settings -> Printer Setting -> Cashier Report.

You can select the printer from here.

Go to eZee BurrP! Back Office -> General Settings -> Printer Option

Performing change stay then weekend rate is not applying for weekend.

While user was performing change stay operation, weekday and weekend rates were getting applied. We have fixed this issue now.

Web Booking Cancelled & Extra charges need to void.

We are downloading the Web Booking in PMS. At that time, the Extra charges are also stored along with it.

Somehow, when guest was cancelling the booking and it was reflecting in the system, the extra charge belonging to that booking was not getting voided with cancellation. It was happening only when that downloaded booking had an assigned room. We have fixed this issue.

Adult and child rates are getting increased

Hotels using Linear Rates will be able to update their rates from eZee FrontDesk Configuration.

There was an issue in the saving process previously, such that when user clicked on the “Save” button previously with the Inclusive Rate Check box rate, related tax was getting recalculated and getting added in the base rate for extra adult and extra child on every click.

We have taken care of it and fixed the issue.

Showing Wrong Balance on Guest Ledger.

Guest ledger showing wrong balance in comparison to walk in window.

There was issue in the round-off value updation, which we’ve taken care of.

No Receipt # for City ledger Posting

Receipt is getting generated with City ledger posting, which should not happen.
Actually, the receipt number need not generate when you post payments on City Ledger.

This problem was happening in the last release. We have taken care of it and from now it will work normal as it was working previously.

Rate card report for non linear rate

Developed “Rate Card Report” for “Non-Linear Rate”

Case 1: For Non-Linear Rate

Step 1: Go To FDC -> Advance Setting -> Rental -> Non Linear Rate

Step 2: Go to FD -> Reports -> Front Office -> Rate Card -> Room Type wise

Step 3: Go to FD -> Reports -> Front Office -> Rate Card -> Source Wise

Case 2: For Linear Rate

Step 1: Go To FDC -> Advance Setting -> Rental -> Linear Rate

Step 2: Go to FD -> Reports -> Front Office -> Rate Card -> Room Type wise

Note: For allocated rate, same report will be generated as “Linear Rate”. In future, we will give facility to generate allocated rate-wise report

NEW: “Skip Notification” Setting

We have added one setting of “Skip Notification”, such that when guests walk-in, if this setting is enabled, the system will not send any notification to customer for any transactions.

Step 1: Go to FDC -> Notification -> Select “Notification Setting”

Step 2: Go to FD -> Walk In -> Other Information -> Skip Notification


1) If FDC -> Notification -> Notification Setting selected then display FD -> Walk In -> Other Information -> Skip Notification other wise not display FD -> Walk In -> Other Information -> Skip Notification

2) If “Skip Notification” is checked, then that particular guest won’t receive any messages.

However, by default the “Skip Notification” will be unchecked.

Added PAX Column

We have added a new column “Pax” in below places:

1) Booking List:

2) Guest Ledger:

3) Arrival List:

4) Departure List:

5) Undo Transaction:

Added default salutations

By default, below salutations will be added if no “Salutations” exist in the database.

Go to: FDC -> Master -> Common Master -> Select Salutations

Note: These salutations will also be added when we do full software set up.