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eZee FrontDesk Release Note

Option to view in-house guest only

Now, when you pull the birthday report of guests, you’ll be able to set an option to see in-house guest only.

New setting for Housekeeping Module

We have added a new setting in the Housekeeping module.

Check the screenshot for your reference:

Currently, we have two room status in eZee FrontDesk -> Housekeeping Module: Clean and Dirty. Apart from these, we have added one more status of “To be inspected”, such that, once the room is marked as dirty; a housekeeper will check the room and change the status to “To be inspected” for any repairs to be checked, and then it will be marked as Clean.

Display log for undo or void transaction

Display log for undo or void transaction

Front desk >> Audit and Void >> User Activity Log

Display log for undo or void transaction in “User Activity Log”

Guest ledger

We have made some changes in the Guest Ledger feature:
1. Show “Advance searching” option by default all the time
2. Master folio option (check box feature)

Please refer the screenshot for details:

Vacant room count on Night Audit Summary Data

The Night Audit Summary Data will now show the vacant room count for the last date.

Check the screenshot to know how it will look: