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eZee FrontDesk Release Note

Added “Credit card no” and “Card Exp Date” for sharer guests

We have added 2 new details for room sharer guests; that is, Credit Card Number and Card Expiry Date.

Check the screenshots to see how it looks in eZee FrontDesk:

On Walk-in screen

On Pax Check-in screen

Add setting for “Kin Information” mandatory for Check-in

In eZee FrontDesk configuration -> Advance Setting -> Rental Option, you will find this setting to make Kin Information mandatory at the time of guest check-in.

Rate type shown with room type

We have added room type to be shown with rate type for group bookings in the system now.

In eZee FrontDesk -> Bookings -> Group Rooming -> Room type also shown with rate type.

Add New Status “To be Inspected”

Currently, we have two room status in eZee FrontDesk -> Housekeeping Module: Clean and Dirty. Apart from these, we have added one more status of “To be inspected”, such that, once the room is marked as dirty; a housekeeper will check the room and change the status to “To be inspected” for any repairs to be checked, and then it will be marked as Clean.

Room View

Room List View

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