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eZee FrontDesk Release Note

Print Tariff on Extra Charge List

We have developed an option to print tariff on Extra Charge List.

Check the screenshot to see how it looks:

New guest creation criteria

We have added one more criterion to create new guests in eZee FrontDesk.

Currently, when we have two separate guests at the same time with different email and phone number; the system overrides the existing guest profile with the same name.

Requirement: We should have such fields of email or phone number, that if these fields are different, then the system should not override existing guest profile with the same name.

The setting is added. Using that, the system decides on-the-go that whether a new guest needs to be created or not. Previously, there were 3 default settings. Now we have added 2 more default settings for the phone number and email.

Export reports in CSV format

Now you’ll be able to export your reports from XLS to CSV format from eZee FrontDesk as well as eZee BurrP!.

Add Voucher No. field on City Ledger Invoicing

We have included ‘Add Voucher No.’ field on City Ledger Invoicing.

Please check the screenshot below for more details: