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eZee Burrp Release Note

Add Surcharge for POS2ABS

Create receipt with surcharge, settle receipt with room post.
Check on eZee Absolute side POS receipt.

Print Settle by User Name on Receipt

Print settle by user name on the receipt. So far, you used to print all the details of the user which made the receipt.

Step: 1 Set settled by field on Windows and line receipt template
Windows Template

Line Template

Step: 2 Set template on Burrp setting
Burrp >> Setting >> Peripheral setting >> Receipt Printer

Step: 3 Create a receipt

Step: 4 Print receipt

Windows Template

Line Template

Add Remark When Receipt Merge

Step: 1 Create more than one receipt
Step: 2 Merge that receipt.
Step: 3 Check daily sales report and audit trial receipt report.