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eZee Burrp Release Note

The system will now pop up a message for the voucher number if the same voucher number exists in a database table.

Generally, voucher number is being used as a reference number against Vendor’s Voucher/Invoice; however, it’s good to have a popup message same like GRN numbering.

Step 1: Enable setting for Duplicate Voucher No

Step 2: Make one GRN
Step 3: Check for same Voucher No

We have developed the option to copy banquet.

As of now, it is copying the booking details only. Though, from this Service Pack onward, it will copy copy the menu items and other details as well.

1.Menu (Charges information)


Step 1: Make Banquet.

Step 2: Copy Menu Item and Remark from One Reservation to another.

Step 3: Check user log report for Copy Banquet Menu Item and remark

Integration of eZee iLoyalty

Implementation of new operation and testing existing integration of eZee iLoyalty

Configuration screen in POS back office -> option -> integration

You will get authentication key and location key from eZee iLoyalty website.

On selecting card window, you can manually enter number and press enter or you can swipe card.

Card information will be shown on above window.

For redeeming points:

To redeem points, enter card number and press enter or swipe card.

Click on Get OTP button, you will get OTP on you mobile number via SMS.

Enter OTP on form and then press redeem point.

Same operation is developed for eZee FrontDesk on check-in and check-out operation.