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eZee Burrp Release Note

Online food portal integration with eZee BurrP!

We have integrated eZee BurrP! with leading food delivery companies like Zomato, Foodpanda, Swiggy, and UberEats.
To set it up for your eZee BurrP! software, please perform the following steps:

Step 1: Set URL in BO -> Option -> Integration

Sync Item:
Order List:
Order Status:
Order Status Update:

Step 2: Set MerchantGuid
MerchantGuid: jkajdHKH889S

Step 3: Sync item

Step 4: Get order list and show order

Step 5: Make receipt and update order status

Bump order to next

Added option of bumping order to next.

For example:
1. Take 8 orders
2. Bump order 1, 2 and 3. So the place of 1, 2, 3 will be empty
3. Take a new order

The new order will go to the place of order 1. But it should go after order 8 as order 9.
Technically, the first order should be prepared and bumped first. As the kitchen will always prepare the orders in the row, and not the latest order.

Step 1: Activate Setting (KDS view working as of now)

Add New Order

Bump (337,338) and take new order (341)

Step 2: Inactive Setting (Add new Setting “Do not show next Order on 1st Position”)

KDS View: Without Bump

Bump and then take new order

Step 3: Activate Setting

Add New Order

Bump (339,340,341) and take new order (345,346)

Option to copy banquet booking

We have added an option to copy banquet booking.

Gratuity (Card/Cash) automatically excluded from the Total Sale

Gratuity (Card/Cash) will automatically be excluded from the Total Sale

Click on “Add Tip” button if the payment is done for than the receipt amount. Decide whethe it should be given as TIP or not.

Added Button “Excess of Amount”.

If the payment is given for more than the Receipt Amount and click on Button “Excess of Amount” then it will be added as gratuity amount.

Show gratuity amount with payment type

Show gratuity amount with payment type in which it’s considered in the description.

Multiple select options to HOLD/FIRE items

We have added multiple select options to HOLD/FIRE items.

Provide New Setting For Good Receipt Note

If the user doesn’t have the rights to perform backdate transaction then also the user was able to enter the Good Receipt Note for past 1 day. So we added an option whereby we can restrict the user completely so that they can not make the Good Receipt Note for past dates.

  1. Added New Privilege “Allow to perform Back Date Transaction”
  2. And Change existing privilege name “Allow to perform Transaction for one Back Date”
  3. If user has privilege “Allow to perform Back Date Transaction” then user can do transaction one back date ago transaction

Privilege to change the settings

If you’re not having any privilege to change the settings in eZee BurrP!, then you will be alerted about it on the click of “Setting” button only, rather than giving an alert for an individual setting.

If there is multi-user mode and selected user doesn’t have privilege access in eZee BurrP!, then the system will show an alert and not allow to do further action.

Setting for selecting an item

We have provided a setting for selecting an item on single click event instead of double-click.

Added setting on eZee BurrP! -> Setting -> Peripheral -> Miscellaneous -> Punch Item on Single click on Retail Mode.

Option to keep remark mandatory for discount

We have provided an option to keep remark mandatory for discount on Item Level and Receipt Level.

On that basis, we have added a new functionality on Discount Type “Remark is Mandatory”

1. If the “Remark is Mandatory” option is enabled, the system will allow to enter remark on discount while applying.

2. Given Remark will be displayed on user activity log after settling the receipt.