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eZee Burrp Release Note

Gratuity included in ‘Net Payable’ in Line template

We have now included gratuity in the ‘Net Payable’ in Line template.

Windows Template :

Line Template :

View historical logs for Store Operation

We have developed a brand new feature which allows you to view historical logs of all store operations (Create, Update, Delete and more) performed for Indent, Purchase order, Goods Receipt Note, Issue Voucher and Market List.

Please refer the screenshots for more details.

Integration with Guestline PMS

We have now integrated eZee BurrP! with Guestline PMS. The integration will let you perform the following operations:
1. Add no. of Cover
2. Outside guest posting with Line item posting
3. Void transaction

This is how to set up the integration and its details.

Step 1: Set settlement type alias

Alias for Settlement Type :
STAFF: Use for Account (City Ledger)

Step 2: Settle receipt with any payment Type

Step 3: Void receipt

Added import/export functionality in “No Charge Account”

We have added a new Import and Export Functionality on “No charge Account”.

Go to POS-Back office -> Configuration -> Payment & Account -> No charge Account

We have added a new option to search for the business source in Order Information window. This will make it easier and faster for you to search for and add business sources for each order.