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eZee Burrp Release Note

Store Transaction: Auto add item in list 

Once you scan the barcode, eZee BurrP! adds an item to the list automatically.
Earlier, while making Purchase Order using barcode mode, barcode scanned any item and then displayed default quantity as 1. The system did not add the items in the Purchase Order list. The user needed to add that item manually one by one, which is now resolved.

Step 1:eZee POS Backoffice -> Store -> Item Configuration -> Store Item -> Add/Edit -> Unit
Set barcode and setting for “Auto add barcode”.

Step 2:eZee POS Backoffice -> Store -> Transaction -> Purchase Order
If the “Auto Add barcode” setting is ON, and when you scan the barcode; the item is directly added to the list with one quantity. Otherwise, the item is not added to the List.

Split Receipt

Now you’ll be able to restrict users to not split receipt again after splitting a receipt once.

Receipt template when printing Split by Category receipt

We have developed an option in eZee BurrP! that allows to select category wise template and simultaneously the category wise receipt in Receipt Printer Settings.

Step 1:Provide setting for ‘Ask template on the split by category’.
Step 2:If ‘Print on split’ option is selected then you’re able to select ‘Ask template on the split by category’.
Step 3:If ‘Ask template on the split by category’ option is selected then on splitting receipt by category, eZee BurrP! will ask receipt template for selection and you can print the receipt using the selected template.

Activate/De-activate advance orders

We have now developed a setting to activate and de-activate advance orders.

Go to eZee Back office -> Outlet Operation -> Order Type -> Take Away -> Active Advance order.
If this option is active then advance order will be visible and the advance order list will be enabled.

Integration of eZee Burrp with Infor HMS

eZee BurrP! is now integrated with Infor HMS.

Step 1: Configuration for POStoHMS Infor
eZee Back office -> Option -> Integration Tab -> Select POS2HMS Infor. Select posting account. Set Link and Property identifier provided by Infor.

For Revenue centre, go to eZee POS Backoffice ->; Configuration -> Cost Center -> Outlet operation. Set alias with Number.

Note: Outlet alias must be set with a number and the same number must be set in the Infor HMS to map Revenue Center.

The service period will be managed by the session. You need to set an alias with the number on the session. That will be considered as Service period on Infor.

Note: Session alias must be set with the number and the same number must be set in the Infor HMS to map Service period.

Step 2: Inquiry To HMS Infor

1. Place orders from any order type -> complete order
2. Go for Settlement
3. On settlement, select table for room posting

There will be 4 options available for guest details
By Room Number: Pass room number and enquire
By Account Number (Folio Number): Pass Folio Number and enquire
By Guest Name: Pass Guest Name and enquire

4. Once the data is fetched from PMS, eZee BurrP! will display details in Folio Information

Step 3: Post data in Infor HMS
Click on ‘Add’ button to post the bill.